We have a winner!

A total of 45 people applied, and then 16 of them were picked to vye to become The Reporter for Cyclone Nation. The unexpected twist came when we realized just how many talented people wanted to be a part of ISU sports via the opportunity Cyclone Nation provided. Yet no one did a better job of staking a claim for the job than our eventual winner...

On behalf of everyone here at Cyclone Nation, please join me in congratulating Mike Dempsey as the winner of "The Reporter" contest.  Mike's hiring brings to a close our quest to re-focus our attention on bringing you the best quality team we could assemble of fellow die-hard Cyclones.  They will now  keep you up to speed on everything cardinal-and-gold. 

As The Reporter, Mike will become our lead writer for CN The Magazine.  Mike attended Iowa State from 1983-88, was a member of the Dean's List, and majored in business and secondary education.  He is married to Nikki Dempsey, who is a grant writer for Youth and Shelter services in Ames.  He has three children: Tony (16), Erik (9), and Gabriella (6). 

Please join us in welcoming Mike to the team.  For more information on the new staff here at Cyclone Nation, please click on this link: http://iowastate.scout.com/2/393159.html.

Monday, July 18th, will dawn a new day here for Cyclone fans.  The staff we have announced is just the tip of the iceberg.  We have two other major projects you will hear about soon that will also further implement our quest to make Iowa State the pro sports team in Iowa, especially in Central Iowa.  You will begin to see the content drastically increase and diversify in both the website and magazine. 

Finally, August 16th will be my final day as the day-to-day proprietor of Cyclone Nation.  I will continue to function as publisher.  However, as I indicated earlier, Chad Winterboer and his new squadron of Cyclones will take over for all intent and purposes. 

We have had some ups and downs the last three years: from licensing issues, to controversies, to just my general propensity to alienate people; even when I'm not actually trying to.  Nevertheless, I have really enjoyed getting to be around Iowa State sports and appreciate the venue that Cyclone Nation has provided me to do so.  And I've also enjoyed getting to meet so many of you.  I also look forward to continuing my support of ISU. 

But I'm even more excited to see what Chad and his new team can do to take this to a place that I never could on my own.  Thanks for your patience and continued support of ISU and Cyclone Nation

May God bless each and every one of you.  See you at the Big 12 Championship Game.

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