The Theo Show

Cyclone Nation got its first glimpse of the future on Sunday night when Theo Davis finally took to the court at the Capital City Classic, joining Shawn Taggart, another heralded incoming recruit, for the first time. Yet it was a returning senior that stole the show.

The much-anticipated arrival of Theo Davis finally came to fruition Sunday night. As Theo Davis followed Anthony Davis and Shawn Taggart down the stands, Cyclone fans turned their attention from the game being played to trying to get a glimpse of the heralded recruit.

The dynamic duo of Taggart and Theo Davis has kept Cyclone fans lying in bed at night dreaming of the possibilities for the upcoming season. A pair of nationally ranked top-50 big men is not an every day occurrence at Iowa State and the thought of adding this duo to a backcourt of Curtis Stinson and Will Blalock has Cyclone Nation envisioning more championship trophies being added to the Hilton collection.

Anyone who has seen Theo Davis play knows he is extremely athletic for his size. While warming up for his game Theo Davis knocked down numerous three-pointers to demonstrate his range and shooting touch. However, when the game began it was his defensive abilities that stood out. In addition to blocking a number of shots, he altered many more. Davis's length and leaping ability will certainly fit well into Wayne Morgan's trapping, zone defense.

Cyclone Nation will need to be patient with Davis because, as the coaches have pointed out, he will need to become stronger and more aggressive before he can dominate the centers and power forwards in the Big 12. But there is certainly loads of potential there and it will be fun to see the Iowa State coaching staff bring out the best in Davis.

Shawn Taggart once again put on a show displaying his numerous offensive skills. Not only can Taggart dominate with his multitude of moves on the block but also he can then step out and shoot threes like Tasheed Carr. Taggart can truly do it all and it is no wonder NBA scouts felt like the main thing he really needed to upgrade before heading to the pros was his strength.

Cyclone fans, you better buy your season tickets for this year and enjoy watching Taggart while you can because you might not get another chance.

Even though most Cyclone fans were at the game Sunday night to watch Taggart and Theo Davis, another Cyclone stole the show. Anthony Davis put on a show today and proved why Morgan was so high on him last year.

Anthony Davis suffered a shoulder injury early in the season last year and was forced to watch from the bench. Now his shoulder is healed and he demonstrated Sunday night that he is going to make it very difficult for any of the incoming recruits to steal a starting position away from him. Anthony Davis drove to the basket like a man possessed and battled for rebounds, showing no concern for his shoulder. When he wasn't banging inside he was stepping outside and hitting three-pointer after three-pointer.

At one point Anthony Davis told his teammates to clear out so he could take Taggart one-on-one and show the youngster what Big 12 basketball was all about. In addition to scoring at will, Anthony Davis also appeared to be the life of the party, smiling and joking with anyone and everyone on the court. The most encouraging sign of all, though, was the leadership he showed by taking every opportunity to coach and encourage Theo Davis and Taggart.

The future looks very bright for Cyclone basketball and adding the dynamic duo of Theo Davis and Taggart to a backcourt of Stinson and Blalock has the making of a very special season basketball season for everyone in Cyclone Nation.

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