Dobbins, Meyer and Leaders look ahead

ISU head coach Dan McCarney was joined at Big 12 media days by quarterback Bret Meyer, linebacker Tim Dobbins and nose guard Nick Leaders.

Tim Dobbins


On coming to Iowa and not playing in Texas or in the south:


Dobbins: I like the change, and change is good. In Mississippi, it would get up to 102 degree and we'd be out there running around. Anytime that you go to a place that you've never been before, it's a good thing.


On plans after school:


Dobbins: I don't know, I'm a drifter. If someone calls me and let's me know that they want me to come to their camp, I'll follow them.


On his personal goals for the season:


Dobbins: I really want to get into the triple digits for tackles. I didn't have a lot of tackles because that comes from the style of our defense and everyone is out there trying to make a play. Our defensive line isn't out there holding up the offensive line to let the linebackers make the tackles.


On the balance between family life and football life:


Dobbins: It's not really hard. Football is where I spend a lot of my time. It's an all day, all night thing, but when I come home, that's family time and I try to put football aside for them.


Bret Meyer


On the sophomore jinx and bumps in the road:


Meyer: I've heard of the sophomore slump all the time. I don't really pay much attention to it. The sophomore slump happens when you don't work as hard as you did the first year. I'm not saying they didn't work as hard, but I think that is something that you set yourself up for. What you put into something is what you get out of it. I'm not a superstitious person.


On his personal goals:


Meyer: Just to win games. I'm the quarterback, and I just want to win games.


On other teams shooting for him this year:


Meyer: I hope that they do. My goal as the quarterback is to try to make the defense adjust to me instead of me adjusting to the defense.


On improving passing skills:


Meyer: I've been trying to shorten my release. This will make things quicker. I have also worked on arm strength with the trainers, and I'm just trying to become an overall better passer.


On the wide receivers:


Meyer: They've been doing well. Todd, J.D., Milan, Austin and R.J have been working hard to get ready. R.J. has really great feet and hands for a receiver.


Nick Leaders


On the difference between the defenses of his first year and this year:


Leaders: Our defense has an identity now. When I was a freshman, we were blitzing a lot, and we were going all over the place trying to make plays, trying to cover gaps. But now we know that we have good people in all positions, and we can make a lot of plays together.









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