Davis and Clark steal the show

Davis puts up 35 points and leads his team to victory over ISU teammate Rahshon Clark.

The first round of the playoffs for the YMCA Capital City league was last night at the Valley Southwoods School which saw some good news for Cyclone fans. Anthony Davis shot his way to lead his team, Gratias Construction, to victory in the night cap over fellow ISU teammate Rahshon Clark's Atlantic Coca-Cola team.


Davis's 35 points came mostly from being determined to drive to the basket as he ended up 12-of-26 from the floor with only 2-of-9 shooting from three. Anthony looks much stronger in the upper body than last year and showed no signs of having any shoulder problems.


His game seemed to mirror Curtis Stinson with quick no look passes, excellent eye for seeing a clear lane to the hoop and a knack for knowing where to go for rebounding as he collected eight boards. Davis's Gratias team will now play Kin Folks BBQ team with incoming freshman, Theo Davis at 4:30pm on Sunday, July 24. Theo was present last night taking in the action watching fellow Clones showing off their stuff.


Rahshon Clark's team may have lost but he clearly was the star of the night with highlight after highlight of amazing dunks and leaping ability that was not outdone by anyone who played last night. Clark scored 25 points in a losing effort on 10-of-20 shooting but had 12 rebounds and a couple blocks.


At one time, Clark had sparkled and aroused the fans who were in attendance with such a high flying act that CN's very own Chad Winterboer couldn't keep up with taking photos shots. On and inbound play, Clark jumped from just inside the free throw line to grab and slam the ball basically at the same time before the defense even knew what happened.


Rahshon also had a textbook move into position from a missed shot to tip-dunk it back in that erupted the crowd of about 50-60 fans. The only weak spot of his game last night was shooting from three, where he was 1-of-7, but in this league of fast-paced style of play, not many players end up shooting a very good percentage from that range.


Another bright spot was in the play from Ames High School recruit, Ross Marsden. The 6-foot-11 post-player ran the floor very well and was finding his way around the basket to get many tip in baskets as he finished 7-of-11 from the floor and 2-of-2 from the line. Ross's team, Central Iowa Orthopedics was no match for John Neal's Peak Performance Program team as they advance to play Shaun Taggert's, Ev Cochrance & Associates team in the second game on Sunday night around 5:45 pm with the Championship game to follow.


Marsden's family was in attendance and they were pleased with his performance as Ross battled with Drake player Ajay Calvin who looked very good for the Bulldogs. Building strength is clearly the main focus for Ross as coming from high school to Big 12 play, working on leg strength to claim position in the post is what the big difference will be for Ross to see minutes this year as the Cyclone have so many young backcourt players on the roster.


John Neal, for Peak Performers, starting off very good shooting the 3-ball but faded in the second half though still finished with 20 points and 4-of-11 on 3's. He too has gotten a bigger build in the upper body like A. Davis looked which is promising for playing tough defense like Coach Morgan will ask of this years' team.


Notes: Dave Braet, a teammate of Anthony Davis, scored nine points for Gratias and Jeff Bergstrom scored six for Peak Performers as they too move on into the semifinals of the Capital City League Sunday night.


On a side note of local flavor, one high school player that peak much interest was the play of speedy guard Patrick Truby from Ballad-Huxley. He showed much poise playing with these older players and had real good ball handling skills. He is a short but quick player that seems to have a good understanding of his role and has good vision, something you just can't teach.

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