Building bigger and better Cyclones

Faster, bigger and stronger isn't the only goal of the ISU summer strength and conditioning program according to junior Austin Flynn.


"Chemistry – just trying to build the team," Flynn said. "Our weakest link just trying to get him as far as he can go."


Of course there are individual goals for the players, with Flynn's move from quarterback to wide receiver he has worked on his conditioning more than strength.


"For me probably just my speed and agility a little more, that's what I've been focusing on a lot," he said.


Whereas safety Nik Moser and tight end Ben Barkema are working towards increasing their strength and size.


"Just trying to put on weight and keep my weight up," Moser said. "Just getting bigger and stronger and faster, that's kind of been our whole goal for the summer."


Added Barkema: "I'm just trying to get quicker. Quicker is the main thing and getting my weight up."


There are three different groups that workout a day, so the players don't have a chance to see everyone in their position, but Flynn said every wide out in his group has been working hard.


Flynn said he looks for redshirt freshman R.J. Sumrall to make a move this fall.


On defense, Moser said the competition has been good amongst the secondary.


"Just going out and competing against us and competing against Steve Paris who is running against you, that just makes you better," Moser said. "When you have people you're running against that you're competing against the whole time."


Moser's workout group consists of Steve Paris and DeAndre Jackson, for a couple weeks this summer they were joined by incoming freshman James Smith from Council Bluffs.


His senior season, Smith rushed for 836 yards and 12 touchdowns. He also saw time at defensive back where he racked up 115 total tackles and one interception.


"Smith was a really hard worker and I think he looked pretty good," Moser said. "Just him coming in early and getting himself ready two months before he has to report is a plus for him and it will only help."


The eight week strength and conditioning program wraps up on Monday, July 25.

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