A mid-summer's Q & A session

One will be beginning his sixth year as a Cyclone, another is just halfway through his career, and the other's ISU career has just started. Tony Yelk, Seth Zehr and Walter Nickel will all play a pivitol role in Iowa State's quest for the Big 12 North Championship.

Tony Yelk is the elder statesman on the ISU football squad after being granted a sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA last February.


CN: You have five years of experience; in what areas does it give you an advantage?


Tony Yelk: The guys joke about it all the time, whenever they have question they say they're coming to me for wisdom. I think from a game experience I think it definitely gives you a mental advantage. I've been to every stadium and from that stand point nothing surprises me and I should be prepared as anybody as far as not having surprises or the noise at certain places because I've been game tested. I've been around and see everything if they have any questions I can be a good resource for those guys.


CN: Punting, field goals or kicking off, which is your favorite thing to do?


Tony Yelk: Punting has been the more successful thing for me. I don't know if I can really tell you that I have a favorite, I like them all equally. A nice long punt downed at the 1-yard line, a long field goal. I like doing them all; whatever I can do it help the team.


For the last two seasons Seth Zehr has been a force on the Cyclones' offensive line. Last spring the junior made the move from right guard to center.


CN: On the offensive line, Iowa State has youth, but then they also have experience. Discuss the advantages of that.


Seth Zehr: That brings a lot of advantages, in college football and the Big 12 there's nothing like experience because you know you can get a lot of experience on the practice but nothing compares to a game situations, so experience is huge.


CN: You and Aaron Brant have been playing together the last two years, talk about your relationship.


Seth Zehr: I think we do well together, it's all about playing together and the fact that we've worked together for along time. We figured out how each other plays and that helps us communicate on the field.


Ranked the number one JUCO tight end by collegefootballnews.com, the Cyclones' will look to Walter Nickel to make an impact at the H-back position this fall. Before signing with Iowa State Nickel played at Dixie State College with current ISU teammates Paul and Scott Fisher. 


CN: What's been the biggest thing for you to adjust to so far?


Walter Nickel: Well the weather is different, it's windy so that made a little adjustment to catching the ball, when it's windy the ball kind of hangs up there a bit, that was more of a problem in the spring.


CN: What's the summer conditioning been like?


Walter Nickel: It's real tough, Coach Getty does a great job of preparing physically and mentally it's another level.


CN: The Fisher twins were teammates of your at Dixie State, how excited are you to have them at Iowa State with you?


Walter Nickel: It's been a lot more fun for my wife than it has been for me, just because she has someone to hang out with – both of their wives and then Kory Pence's wife as well. They're great guys, I haven't really seen them much during the summer because we have different workout times, but it's been a lot of fun to have someone to relate to and reminisce too back in the day, funny stories that happened.

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