Iowa State sees a huge boost in fund raising

Over the last 12 months the ISU athletic department has harvested an annual athletic giving total of $9.4 million, which is an increase of nearly twice the previous year's $4.85 million.


The figures include annual gifts to the National Cyclone Club, capital project commitments and endowments.


ISU athletics director Bruce Van De Velde said the dramatic increase can be attributed to two things – the Academic Success Center and the growth of the National Cyclone Club.


Over $5 million was raised for the Academic Success Center, which is on target to open in 2007; while the National Cyclone Club has seen its membership increase steadily through the years.


"[We had] almost 2,000 new donors in five years," Van De Velde said. "Our season ticket [sales] are doing really well and that feeds the National Cyclone Club."


Recent estimates have Iowa State with 24,000 season tickets sold, but Van De Velde said the Cyclones expect to sell between 28,000-30,000. Just five years ago 17,000 season tickets were sold.


Ticket sales are the universities number one source of revenue. Van De Velde said that basketball sales have always been consistent, while football has had the potential to grow.


"We've got 60,000 alumni in this state alone," Van De Velde said. "It's wonderful to see the fans and the alumni respond to the job Coach Mac and his staff have done. It should be an exciting year."



In other news…


-          A basketball practice center is on the radar for the athletic department. Van De Velde said that a feasibility study on cost and location has been finished and it's under evaluation.


-          ISU men's head basketball coach Wayne Morgan will sign his five-year contract extension this week.  


-          The renovation of Hilton Coliseum will be done in conjunction with the University and could start as early as next summer.



-          Improvements are also being made in and around Jack Trice Stadium, including renovation of the football locker rooms.


-          The ISU volleyball squad will transition from Hilton Coliseum to Forker Gymnasium for the 2006 season.

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