Tasheed Carr Summer Q & A

Philadelphia native Tasheed Carr has been busy gearing up for his sophomore season. As a true freshman Carr was named to the Big 12 all-Bench team and was Iowa State's sixth man. He averaged 5.8 points, 2.2 rebounds and had 43 assists and 28 steals. Carr's biggest game of the year came in Iowa State's victory over Texas, when he scored 13 points in overtime on his way to a team-high and career-best 22 points.

CN: What was your favorite memory from last season?


TC: My favorite memory from last season was Selection Sunday and making it to the [NCAA] tournament as a freshman. We took the program places it hasn't been for a few years, so it was a good memory for myself, my teammates and the whole program in general.


CN: How will the team adjust with all the newcomers?


TC: I think it will be a real good thing. We're going to be a way better team than last year. I think we've all come along way over the summer.


CN: How will is the inside game looking?


TC: Anytime you lose a guy like Jared Homan, who was a 4 year starter, and a guy like Damion [Staple] who works hard it's a big blow, but we think that Shawn [Taggart] and Theo [Davis] and those guys coming in will do a good job. They'll have a lot of people on the perimeter to take the pressure off them.


CN: What have you been doing this summer?


I worked a few camps.


CN: What was it like working with the little kids?


TC: It was good, it was really good. It was nice having a chance to give back and it feels good to do something for the kids.


CN: Who did you admire growing up?


TC: To tell you the truth I really didn't look up to anybody. I didn't have anybody positive around me to look up too. I just wanted to be myself, I always said I want to work hard and be myself. I can't really say there was one person or one particular player I looked up too, I wanted to be myself.


CN: What else have you been doing this summer?


TC: I've just been working out every day, working on my game, working on conditioning; just trying to get ready for this upcoming season.


CN: How long have you known Taggart?


TC: We've known each other for about 2 1/2 years. We played together [at Mount Zion] my last year which was his junior year. I knew him awhile before that but we played together, went to school and lived together for that year.


CN: How did your team do that season?


TC: We did pretty good, we were No. 2 in the country. We had a great team and had a lot of guys go to Division 1 schools. We had some highly recruited players, it was a great team.


CN: What does Taggart bring to the team?


TC: I think he brings versatility. He's a big man who's athletic, who can run the floor just like a guard. He brings us an offensive threat that we needed inside and on defense he's a physical shot blocker. He brings a little bit of everything to the table.



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