Media Day Musings

By now many of you have probably read the press conference transcripts or you heard some of the coaches and players on the radio or television. What I would like to do is simply give you a fan's perspective from Media Day.

As you all know by now becoming the Chief Operating Officer of Cyclone Nation was a dream come true for me, as I'm sure it would be for many of you also.  I can't even begin to describe what a thrill is was to be able to not only interview many of the players and coaches but more importantly get to know some of them on a personal basis.


Mediacom asked me to interview some of the players and coaches for their new show hosted by Steve Deace and Jon Miller, which was an unexpected surprise.  My first interview was with Tim Dobbins and to say he was fired up would be an understatement.  The thing that stuck out the most about his interview, besides his arms being as big as my thighs, was the fact that he felt Alvin Bowen may end up being a better player than Dobbins himself.


Another interesting tidbit came from Bret Meyer.  I asked him to talk a little bit about the talented group of wide receivers this year and one of the guys he spent the most time talking about was newcomer Marquis Hamilton.  Meyer said he had been very impressed with what he has seen from Hamilton this summer so he is definitely a newcomer to keep an eye on.


While interviewing Barney Cotton I asked him how Jason Fiacco has looked so far this summer and his face instantly lit up.  Cotton doesn't expect Fiacco to start like was needed when Aaron Brant was a freshman but he does hope the rest of the offensive line adopts Fiacco's "finishers mentality".  Needless to say, I got the impression that Cotton is anxious to coach a player with a little attitude such as Fiacco.


Probably the most enjoyable part of the day came when I had to help get some of the players lined up for Deace's radio show.


Bret Meyer was waiting patiently to get on the air while Todd Blythe and Nik Moser were being absolutely brutal to him.  Once Meyer started his interview they were pulling at his microphone, chanting we want Flynn, teasing him about girls and anything else they could think of.  As a fan it was great to have a chance to see these guys personalities rather than just watching them on the field.


The good-natured ribbing continued the entire time Deace interviewed each player.  Blythe was called "pasty" for wearing black socks with his black sandals while Austin Flynn was called "Hollywood" in addition to making fun of his country music programmed into his cell phone.  Heck, McCarney even stuck his head out the door and teased Blythe about being on the phone with a girl while he was supposed to be preparing for an interview.


My day concluded by taking calls on the air from up in the press box at Jack Trice.  Taking calls and talking with fellow Cyclone fans is always fun but to be able to look down on the field and out at the parking lots just put chills down my back.  There is nothing better than the anticipation of football season and looking down on the field today has me wishing we could fast forward right to September 3rd and get this season underway.


Football season is here so let the unproductive days at work begin!


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