One down, 28 to go

Finally football season has arrived! Iowa State has 28 practices left before they kick-off against Illinois State on September 3rd. Here's what Coach McCarney thought after his squads first practice.

First day what do you tackle and try to get done?


A lot of installation for the guys who have been here and played; it's review for the brand new guys, its all new. It was a fast practice, it was a quick practice. Tempo was good. We looked like a faster team than we were in the spring and that's part of the development of the guys that were here and plus the newcomers that were out there. It was a good start and you can only measure so much without pads on but it was a fast practice I'm talking about a fast paced, fast tempo practice. We got a lot done today everybody came ready to work


The newcomers go out early what do they cover?


20 minutes of individual and 20 minutes of 7-on-7 offense against defense; we're just trying to get some extra time with those guys and that's really all we're doing. Getting ahead start before everybody come out and trying to teach those guys. That was not only some of the brand new guys, but some of the guys who were here last year and might have been redshirted, do some extra work with them.


What can you evaluate on day one in shorts?


You can watch a guy run, you can watch a defensive back back peddle, you can watch him play, you can watch those ball skills, you can watch a receiver run routes, you can watch guys throwing and catching, you can obviously watch assignments and responsibilities and make sure they're lined up and doing what they're supposed too. Then just watching a defensive team run, watch an offensive line protect. Even though it's not full speed, do they have their assignments down, are their hands and feet good in protection? So there's still some basic things you can look at but without pads on you're limited. It still looked good; there's a lot of retention from spring ball from the guys who were here.


What will you do tomorrow?


A lot of the same thing, just more. We'll go back into meetings tonight. We'll review and watch the practice tape and then we'll throw some more at them as far as installment. We're on fast pace as far as installation goes with this team. So for the guys who haven't been here it's even more important that they took good notes, they retain, they talk, they ask questions. Because we're moving fast and we're gonna throw it all real fast.


Did any newcomers stand out today?


It's hard to tell.  Alvin Bowen can really run, Jon Banks can really run. Those guys are athletic guys over on defense. I noticed those guys who haven't been here before. Offensively you're always trying to [see] does your receiver, running backs, or one of those offensive lineman who might have a chance. Just watching them move around its hard to tell. I really noticed Bowen and Banks the first day just out there watching the guys move around.

How long will the newcomers be practicing before the rest of the team?


The first five days and that'll be it. We'll just hit it the first five days working in singles before we start working into doubles.


How did Tony Yelk look out there today?


He did a good job. Punt was our emphasis today. It was good to see him get out there and knock some rust off and start punting again. And he did a good job. He and Blank are going to have a good battle. Those are the only two guys in the mix at punter right now. We got two or three other guys that would be emergency guys but those two will have a good battle. I'll be surprised if it doesn't go all the way through two a days.


How about Todd Blythe?


He doesn't look like he's missed a beat, a step. He might be a bit faster.  He definitely looks bigger. I don't want to say taller, he's just a physical presence and he wasn't there this spring. You sure notice him when he's back out there now. We got a good core of receivers. Austin did some good things after him learning the position in the spring. And then with Davis and Blythe, Moses, Baum you know those guys have all been out there on game day. Marquis Hamilton is a guy who looks,  I don't know if he'll play this year, but he sure looks like Jon Davis, Todd Blythe type build.


You looked pumped up out there.


It was fun to get out there. Coaches get tired of meetings too you know. I mean in preparation for the season. Now we're meting with the players and that's a lot of fun. But you're in meetings a long time in preparation for the season and you're just looking at each other all the time. It was fun to get out on the filed and start working.


Those guys leading the drills, can we except to see them as captains?


Everyday I'm going to pick leaders of the day, so it could be three different guys every single day all through camp and I'll leave it up to the players to elect captains in about three weeks.

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