Wayne Morgan on today's announcement

What are your thoughts on the announcement?


I think Bruce has left the athletic department a very positive place. People are very excited about all of our programs and I think when Bruce looks at his accomplishments…fiscally and our athletic teams he'll always be able to be proud of what he did here.


Was it a surprise?


Yes, I was a bit surprised.


Do you want to have any part of the search committee?


No one at this point has said anything to me about being a part of the search committee. I think those types of decisions obviously will be left in the capable hands of Dr. Geoffroy and if they should ask me to participate than obviously I would, but that would be their decision coming to me.


Did he give you any hints this was going to happen?


No, but what part of what's happened is I've been away. I was away at a conference last week and I was on the road the whole month of July recruiting and there are some other things that have happened personally that have kept me occupied; so no.


Are you disappointed?


Any time you work in a group like this, it's like a family, and any time a member of the family, leaves you feel some sadness. But at the same time when you're in a family sometimes people go on to seek their fortunes or go on to a better situation, and you root for them to do that and you hope they do well. Obviously we hope Bruce does very well.


Bruce gave you the job, what are your overall thoughts on what he meant to you?


Bruce gave me an opportunity which I'll always be grateful. I think that during the time these past two years if I had a problem Bruce would help to remove it.


Do you want to be consulted on the new hire?


I don't think I'm in the position to say I want to be consulted. And I don't think I'm in the position to make any demands, I'm just a coach at the University. The President is a very smart man and he's very capable. If there comes a time when he asks me to have something to do with that process than obviously I'll do it.

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