Dan McCarney on today's announcement

What was your reaction to the announcement?


McCarney: I'm real thankful for what Bruce has done for me and for my program and Iowa State athletics. He did a great job with his tenure here and obviously we're excited about the future of this. The athletic department is in real good hands and all of us will be anxious to find out who the new leader of the department will be.


Did you see this one coming?


McCarney: Yeah, I wouldn't say it was a great surprise. You know whether it was a surprise or not it was a decision that Bruce and Deb and the family made. I'm just real thankful for his support and his loyalty to me and the program. Since I've been here we've come along ways in football in the five years Bruce has been here.



Your name is among the first to come up for replacements, have you thought about being AD?


McCarney: Right now I have a lot of good years left in me coaching and I'm not going to be a candidate for this job. Someday possibly if I'm still alive a few years down the line to say that administration wouldn't be in my future that probably wouldn't be honest to say that. I think some day maybe but not now; I've still got a lot of good years left coaching.


Did you have a good relationship with Bruce?


McCarney: We've gotten along fine. He's always been very supportive of me and of my program. It's an ongoing thing. This is a lot tougher job as an athletic director and a football coach than a lot of people realize on the outside. I'm not trying to pat people on the back, these are two very unique jobs and very demanding and challenging jobs. Bruce has worked extremely hard and he's a guy that has a lot of integrity and I really wish him well in the future. I think it was a real good decision leaving him in place until the new athletic director is hired. I think it's real good for [the] transition and I know he'll continue to support our football program.


What do you want to see in a new AD?


McCarney: There's so many great things in place right now. We're just hoping somebody will come in and do extremely well. It's not an absolute must but it'd be really nice if somebody really understood the climate and culture of Iowa State University and Iowa State athletics, but somebody who can lead and lead with a passion, and lead with enthusiasm and have tremendous loyalty. Be a great communicator and be able to get through the tough times. You're not always going to be successful but you can always persevere and we need somebody strong to come in here and handle the job.


Do you think the person would have to solely be the AD and not a coach as well?


McCarney: I think you do…I told Dr. Geoffroy when I heard the news I'd help anyway I could during the transition. Anything I can do for this University, I will do in any capacity. I can stretch my hours. I don't sleep much now; I don't sleep long, I sleep fast. Anything I can do to help I will.

Do you want to be on the search committee?


McCarney: Rather than saying search committee, if I need to be used a reference and meet with any of them and talk with any of them and talk to them about Iowa State, I'd love to do that. I'd be glad to do that. I don't have to be an official member of the search committee.

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