A post-practice Q&A with Coach Mac

What are some things you accomplished today coach?


We got a lot done and a good day. We did a lot of the same fundamental drills that we normally do. We got some redzone work today. Also some punt return and kickoff return. We are going to work on punting most days that we are out there. It was a real complete practice. We got into a lot of game situations, except for short yardage and goal line. So we got a lot done. The kids maintained a real good focus. It was real hot, but we took a lot of water breaks and got a lot done.


You talked about two unknown starters on the O-line coming into the fall. How is that coming along?


It is still way too early to tell. We will know a lot more after Saturday's scrimmage. Tomorrow will be the first practice in full pads and then we will get some more work in before Saturday's scrimmage. The competition is good. We have got a lot of big guys out there. There are some guys that seem to be real coach able and hungry. We need to have more guys step up. We need to have more guys to show that the can play in the Big 12 on the offensive line. Stephenson is off to a good start like I knew he would be. He needs to get every practice available.


So he has an absolutely clean bill of health?


Yean he is doing good so far. Long season ahead with lots of practices and lots of games, but he is off to a good start. He looks like what I thought he'd look like. He should be one of our starting five if he stays healthy. But that was his problem since he has been here and before he as here was his health. Hopefully all of that is behind him and not in front of him.


Do you still see Terrance Highsmith as a punt returner?


No he is the backup QB. We will still working him some back there, but I would prefer not to. Right now there is a pretty good drop off between two and three at QB. T-high is an emergency punt returner right now, but he wouldn't be our starter if we were playing a game tomorrow. Baum would still be our starter he is definitely doing a good job out there. Durrell Williams is doing a nice job back there. He has some skills and abilities back there. All of the freshman DB's we have back there on punts and kicks, including Banks the sophomore. We are taking a look at all those guys to see if they can be one of them in the mix as a starter.


The D-line and Linebackers still have the same size, but they look like they have more speed and quickness then they used to?


It is a good bunch. We have got to keep sifting through it and find out which ones are going to be able to help us this year. I want to see more out of McGinty. He is down 20 pounds like we asked him to. Because he couldn't last three plays in a row without taking a play off. This is the first time he has been in shape since he has been at Iowa State. He looks like he might have a chance. Between Braaksma, McGinty and Thomas Patton we have got to get some depth in there behind Leaders and Curvey. I do not want to leave those guys out there playing all day and all night.


What about Brandon Johnson and Machado?

Brandon Johnson has a long way to go before he'll play. He is a long way away from being a game day player for us. Machado is an outside guy and our depth outside is the best it has been since I have been here.


Do you think Patton will play both end and tackle?


No, he is an inside guy. He is not an outside guy at all. He is not athletic enough to play on the edge. He needs to get bigger and stronger and learn how to play inside.


Is Stevie a little dinged up or anything?


Stevie is fine. We are going to limit Stevie Hicks. We are never going to give him all of anything with the ones. We are going to be smart about this, because it is a five month season. We are going to try to limit him from day one through the last day. Game day not so fast we are going to let him play. We are trying to let some of the other guys play. Scales has got a knee. He had it scoped this afternoon. He should be about two weeks probably thank God it wasn't serious. You can't hardly see it on tape. It was just one of those freak things that happened. He was just running and made a cut. In the meanwhile we have got to get ready to play game whether he is ready or not.


How do the other running backs look like they are coming on?


Jason Harris has got good speed. He is doing a good job. Coleman is playing better right now then at any time in the spring. That is definitely a positive and a plus. Is he ready for 20 carries right now? No, but I like the way they are working. David Brown has looked like he has improved.


What about him (David Brown)? He may not be the biggest or fastest guy. But he had three carries that went for about 10 yards a piece in the spring game.


Yeah, he has got some speed. He is just a real valuable player to this team. He has been a scout team guy his whole career. I would love to see him get on the field. Whether it is on special teams, get some carries, block or catch the ball. He is just a real unselfish valuable kid to this team.

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