The all important question is answered

The all important question was answered at the 2005 Cyclone Media Day. Red pants or White? I know all of you crazed fans out there have been pondering the question, who decides what color pants to wear and which players really like the one the team wears?

We've all been teased throughout the years of being the tomatoes, with red jersey on red pants. Rest assured, I don't think I'm showing up at work with red pants and a red Polo. I'll leave that up to my grandfather's generation. I was particularly fond of his lime green jacket. Somehow I haven't seen my father wear it as my grandfather died back in 1986 and my dad has had access to it for all these years.


To me, I sometimes miss seeing more gold [or yellow to the younger crowd]. I liked the yellow pants with the red & white stripe down the side along with the red jersey with gold numbers edged in white. I really love the gold basketball jerseys, especially during the Dedric Willoughby and Kelvin Cato years. At least we haven't been "smart" enough to put stripes [flames] on our shoulder pads like the Iowa [Arena football] Hawkeyes did a few years ago. I'm not really a Kansas City Chiefs fan so I could care less to look like them.


Let's have our own unique team apparel. Thank you know who that we are not the Oregon Ducks. Not much you can do to look good wearing puke green. Next time you're watching the game, turn to your neighbor and ask them, red pants or white?


Here's the list of some players that I was able to speak with regarding this question. The majority of the players chose red pants, including: DeAndre Jackson, LaMarcus Hicks, Steve Paris, Nik Moser, Ryan Baum, Tyler Lorenzen, Euseph Messiah, Jon Davis and Brandon Hunley. Those for the white pants are: Milan Moses, Austin Flynn and Caleb Berg.


Ranking the Big 12 game day uniforms [home only].


12) Baylor - who looks good in green?

11) Texas Tech - Arena Football League jerseys.

10) Kansas State - like I said with green, who looks good in purple?

9) Missouri - what's worse than red on red….black is for funerals.

8) Nebraska - Like we don't know what letter Nebraska starts with.

7) Texas A&M - Maroon on maroon, the cadet's boots are better.

6) Oklahoma State - I like the orange letters on white but not all orange jerseys.

5) Kansas- The dark blue looks good but need a stripe on the pants.

4) Texas - ok, I know the tradition, but burnt orange? Love the helmet.

3) Oklahoma - crimson jerseys on white pants are classic.

2) Iowa State - ok, not to be a homer but I think the red on red is growing on me.

1) Colorado- Yes Clone fans, the black jersey on gold pants with white numbers is #1.

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