Media Day Q&A with Stevie Hicks

The running back rushed for 1,062 yards on his way to being an honorable mention all-Big 12 selection in 2004. Hicks set a career high with 159 yards on 27 carries and a touchdown in the Independence Bowl victory over Miami.

What are some of the things you did over the summer to improve your strength and conditioning?


Hicks: Basically all I tried to do over the summer was to pick up a few more pounds. The weight helps later on as the season goes on. So I picked up seven or eight pounds and I am going to take that into the season.


Mac mentioned that you added some weight, but you were still able to maintain your speed?


Hicks: Yeah, I am up to 217 now. I know they say I am 218, but I took one off because I know I am going to go down one once two-a-days start.


Do you have any trouble putting weight on and keeping it on?


Hicks: No, not at all. I can put weight on and take it off really easy. That is something that I will have to watch as I go, because I don't want to get too heavy.


What are some of the personal goals you have for the season?


Hicks: You know I talked to my position coach Tony Alford about that. He just said that we need to win games and everything else will fall into place. So really I am just focusing on getting out there and getting some big wins.


Has there been any talk about throwing to the running backs more this year?


Hicks: Yeah, we are going to do that a little more. Bret is more familiar with the offense, so now we can really open it up and let loose.


Is it just the O-line improvement that will help the running game or will the threats at receiver help as well?


Hicks: Football is the ultimate team sport. The O-line, receivers and the H-backs will all help in the success of the running game, because it all ties in together.


Do you think that this can be a pretty explosive offense this year?


Hicks: Oh definitely, I think this can be a very explosive offense.


What are some of the things you think the team can accomplish this year?


Hicks: Right now we are focusing on Illinois State, so we are taking it one game at a time. Hopefully when it's all said and done we are sitting where we want to be.


If there's a knock on a guy who ran for 1,000 yards, it's the break away speed - the separation from the group. Do you feel that's something you need to work on?  


Hicks: Definitely, you always want a homerun back there at running back. We got to get decent yards and right now I just need to get that homerun status.


Does it bother you that people criticize you for not having break away speed?


Hicks: Oh no. My coaches know what I'm capable of and I'm still young.


Missouri last season you had two chances to get into the end zone that game, do you think about that game a lot?


Hicks: I was so happy we made it to the next game, that's all I was thinking about the next week. A lot of people had chances to get in the end zone and no one did. That stuck with me for awhile but once we got to the next game it was kind of erased from my memories.


Do you pay attention to the pre-season magazines?


Hicks: Some magazines we're picked first in the Big 12 North and in some were sixth. We really don't pay attention to magazines.


What did you learn about yourself last year?


Hicks: Last year I learned every play you have to go out there and go all out and know you're probably going to get knocked down and every time that ball comes your way you've got to catch it. You need to be on your toes all the time.

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