Media Day Q&A with Steve Paris

CN met up with Steve Paris one of the leaders of the Cyclone defense on Media Day. The safety was an honorable mention all-Big 12 selection in 2004; he was second on the team in tackles with 83. Early in the interview CN was joined by 2004 Big 12 Defensive Newcomer of the Year Tim Dobbins, who took over some reporter duties.

AO: What is your favorite food?


SP: Hamburger Helper


AO: Who was your favorite player growing up?


SP: Michael Jordan


TD: What do your tattoos mean?


SP: I don't know, I think I have 10 of them


AO: What's your favorite?


SP: My first one (it's on his arm)


AO: What does it mean?


SP: R.I.P. to my cousin and one of my best friends


TD: Tell us about your car.


SP: I had spinners last year; I graduated from spinners to 20's to 22's. I try to have a different pair of rims every year.


AO: What kind of car is it?


SP: It's a 1989 Grand Marquis, it's white with the 22's.


TD: Why are you always so clean? He's always clean from his head to his toes.


SP: I never know when I'm gonna go, so if I go I might as well go on top. I don't wanna be walking and get shot looking ugly.  


TD: What are you expectations for this year?


SP: To win, to win a championship.


TD: What are your personal goals?


SP: To be the team leading tackler and to do everything it takes to make the team win.


AO: Why do they call you Greedy?


SP: My brother's name was Greedy growing up. He ate a lot when he was a little kid, so they called me little Greedy. But now I'm bigger than my little brother, so they call us both Greedy.

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