Cyclones complete first scrimmage

It was a good clean, hard hitting scrimmage for the ISU Cyclones on Saturday morning. Dan McCarney and his staff continue to learn new things about their squad each day as the preseason rolls on.

The ISU football team held its first battle of the preseason on Saturday with a 60 play half scrimmage in the Bergstrom Indoor Training Facility.


"It was probably as clean of a first scrimmage as we've had since I've been there," ISU head coach Dan McCarney said. "[That] means there weren't a lot of penalties – there were three and that's three too many, but when you get out for the first time scrimmaging that's not bad. We had one turnover offensively in a 60 play scrimmage."


McCarney said it was a good hard hitting, clean scrimmage. As for the turnover the ball was knocked loose and free safety Steve Paris recovered it.


On the special teams front, the play of kickers Bret Culbertson and Corey Paetznick continues to look encouraging.


"The kickers hit all their kicks, so that's two days in a row," McCarney said. "We've got to keep that going; they're kicking with confidence."


One of the main focuses for Iowa State is finding out where the depth in the secondary is going to come from.


"We went a couple sets today where we put those young defensive backs behind the No. 1 defense – the front seven," McCarney said. "We know who our four starters are back there, but we got to find out who can play."


Immediately after the scrimmage McCarney and his staff began the evaluation period. The coach said he hopes they can utilize some solid 2's and 3's after the No. 1's are established.


"They should look like 1's and they should look better but what we're trying to do is make sure there's as little drop off as possible," he said. "[In] some positions hopefully no drop but we know naturally there's going to be some."


This afternoon the Cyclones will come back in shorts and go over corrections and stimulate special situations (4th downs, overtime, etc.).

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