ISU Wrestler Gallick Wins World University Gold

Coming into Sunday night, the U.S. had only seen three wrestlers win gold medals at the World University Games. After Sunday night, that number was raised to five after Iowa State two-time All-American Nate Gallick and Tommy Rowlands (Columbus, Ohio/The Ohio State Univ./Sunkist Kids) won gold medals at 60 kg/132 lbs. and 96 kg/211.5 lbs., respectively.


Gallick downed 2004 Olympian Odabasi Tevfik of Turkey (2-6, 1-0, 3-0) to win the gold medal.


Tevfik opened up the match in the first period, forcing Gallick into a wild scramble that ended with a three-point throw for Tevfik. As Gallick attempted a three-point throw of his own near the edge of the mat, Gallick was put to his back again. The officials awarded Tevfik three more points, immediately ending the period on the rule that a period is over when two, three-point throws are executed by one wrestler.


"He caught me off-guard a little bit (in the first period)," Gallick said after the win. "I was down points and had to come back. I was down 3-0, and the only way I was going to win was to get a three-point move."


Gallick shut Tevfik down after that, holding a scoreless second period and winning the coin toss to lock first in the leg clinch. Gallick finished the takedown and tied the match at one period apiece.


In the third period, Gallick again waited for the right opportunity to score, finishing a takedown with nine seconds left in the match for the winning point.


"The second period, I didn't want to rush too much," Gallick said. "It's a best two-out-of-three. If I lose that period, it's over. I didn't get the opening I wanted that period," Gallick added. "The third period, he held good position. He did a good job of keeping his distance. Towards the end of the period, I knew I didn't want to leave it up to the clinch. (The tournament) was exciting. I really enjoy wrestling overseas. It's my second time being out in Turkey. Even when the fans are rooting against you, it's kind of neat."

Rowlands defeated Hakan Koc of Turkey (3-0, 2-2) for his gold medal.

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