Effort Must Improve Following Monday's Practice

After some very spirited and energetic practices the first 10 days of camp, Monday's practice drew the ire of Coach Mac.


"It looked like we had a five day layoff instead of a 48 hour layoff," McCarney said. "I was real disappointed with the practice today."


This lack of effort comes at a bad time, as the Cyclones enter a very important week of practice. The team will have two-a-days Tuesday and Thursday and scrimmages on Wednesday and Saturday. Monday's practice did not result in the kind of effort that the Coach wants to see from his team between now and Sept. 3.


"All it takes is a couple of guys that aren't ready to practice and then everyone looks bad," said a frustrated Mac. "If you don't do what you are supposed to as a unit then you are going to get embarrassed on game day."


Coach Mac promised that they would do a better job of getting them ready for the rest of the week so that is definitely something that we will track as the week goes on.


Depth Chart


There haven't been any big moves in terms of the number ones, but some freshman could impact the depth chart by the start of the season.


"We are going to take a look at Jason Fiacco at guard or center and Reggie Stephens for depth on the offensive line," McCarney said. "All of those freshmen DB's that we have talked about, will continue to be evaluated to see if they can help us on special teams or in the secondary."


Some things to watch as this week goes on:

  • It looks like Ryan Baum is still the No. 1 punt returner. DeAndre Jackson and Austin Flynn are still the No. 1's at kick returner. R.J. Sumrall, Durrell Williams, and Chris Singleton are all guys that are in the mix on punt and kick return. Will any of those guys step up this week?
  • There haven't been any real changes at linebacker –  Dobbins, Robertson and Buchanan are the guys that have stood out as having good camps. Bowen has been impressive. Haase and Raven have played well too, but at this time Haase would be considered ahead of Raven.
  • McGinty is one of the most improved guys on the D-line along with much improved Iowa players Kurtis Taylor and Travis Ferguson. The coaches are still looking to see whether Patton and Machado will be able to contribute this year.
  • After Hicks and Scales the coaches really want to find out who the No. 3 and 4 running backs are. Mac said today that they have a long way to go before they decide who the 3rd and 4th RB's are before the season opener.


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