An off-season Q&A with Megan Ronhovde

With the loss of five seniors the leadership role will fall on the shoulders of juniors Megan Ronhovde and Lyndsey Medders. Both averaged more than 30 minutes a game and scored just a little under 10 points per game. Ronhovde said the two couldn't have learned from a better group of seniors and are ready to get down to business.

CN: What was your favorite memory from last year?


MR: Beating Texas at home and playing in the NCAA's out in Fresno, CA.


CN: For you what has the adjustment been like going from five seniors to five freshmen?


MR: For one thing it's really hard not seeing the seniors anymore. They've all gone separate ways and now we hardly see them anymore. The biggest adjustment that I've figured out already is the fact that we're the leaders now. We are the ones that everyone is looking at to lead the team. It's a lot of responsibility, which I give a lot of credit to last year's senior class, because they did an amazing job.


CN: How have the freshmen been looking over the summer?


MR: They all have been around taking summer classes throughout the past couple months, which as helped them get acquainted with Ames and the University. The strides that they've made on the floor and in the weight room has been amazing. It's been really nice having them play with us because we feel like they already have a taste of what our system is like and how we approach the game.


CN: Has any one in particular stood out?


MR: All five of them have shown great improvements over the summer.


CN: How have Kandice Beenken, Lisa Bildeaux, Sierra Dawson and Abby Reinert looked over the summer?


MR: Kandice, Lisa and Sierra have been with us all the whole summer playing and working out in the weight room, and all of them look great. Abby had an internship in Pella, the whole summer so we didn't see her a whole lot.


CN: Coach Fennelly said you and Lyndsey had been organizing games and stuff this summer, how has that gone?


MR: Really well. We've had organized games going the whole summer, three nights a week. We just finished up last week and I thought having a majority of the girls around to play together was great. Everyone made great strides over the course of the summer.


CN: Do you and Lyndsey feel any more pressure than normal for next season or are you guys kind of used to it since you've been playing for two years now?


MR: To be honest I think Lynds and I are used to the pressures that go along with big games, but the biggest factor we might have to deal with is finding a way to make the transition for the freshmen as smooth as possible. I can remember actually what those five girls are feeling. I was in the same boat two years ago when I was thrown right in. There's a lot of excitement and at the same time there's an uneasy feeling of not knowing exactly what to expect. Our job is to make sure they feel comfortable playing at this level right away.


CN: What have you been doing this summer?


MR: A variety of things…I took a summer class at Iowa State back in May for four weeks and I'm just [finished] up with my online class. I worked at the Jacobson Athletic Building, where I assisted Nick Britton, who is the assistant director of event management. I also worked the women's basketball campus during the month of June. I worked out with our strength staff at the Rec all summer as well. In between all of that I found some time to make it home and spend a few weekends on the lake and not to mention the six weddings I attended over the past couple months. So…needless to say, it's been an extremely busy summer!


CN: Was there any particular area in your game you've been working on?


MR: I've really been working on attacking the basket a lot more. I know there are going to be moments in the game where I'm going to have to handle the ball more, and at this point, everyone knows that I shoot the 3-pointer. I'm just trying to add another piece to my game I guess.


CN: What's the outlook for next season?


MR: I know the talk going around is that, "this is going to be a rebuilding year." We're not looking at that way at all. If anything we're even more driven to make it back to the NCAA's. It was great to make it into the tournament last year, but we're looking to try and go farther. Of course, the Big 12 Tournament is always up there too. The past two seasons we've made it to the second game and then lost. Now we're looking to try and do better than the past two seasons.


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