Iowa State focuses on the mental side of the game

On the eve of Iowa State's third scrimmage you won't see the Cyclones getting all physical on the football field; they held a short practice this morning in shorts and will spend the rest of the afternoon in meetings and walk-throughs.


"It was just a mental day," ISU head coach Dan McCarney said.


With camp breaking on Sunday, McCarney is just trying to make sure Iowa State gets the best personnel out on the field.


"We got to get this thing done and make decision," McCarney said. "I want to break camp and not have too many decisions left to make and let the best maintain and improve their spots. And let the No. 2s maintain and improve and not go into the season saying we've got all these question marks."


The past two weeks have been one of the best in McCarney's 11 year tenure at Iowa State.


"It's been very good, very competitive," McCarney said. "Not one single problem. The kids have been super accountable. We haven't had guys running late to meetings, not being where they're supposed too. The accountability of this team has just been really good."



The Kicking Game


McCarney said these two weeks before the Illinois State will be an important time in gauging the kicking trio of Tony Yelk, Bret Culbertson and Corey Paetznick.


"All three are in the hunt," he said.


McCarney said they will continue to evaluate each and could possibly use all of them for different situations (long yardage, short or PATs).



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