Iowa State is still on Ellis Hobbs' mind

Iowa State knew they had a gem in Ellis Hobbs and now New England is getting clued in as well. After an impressive showing Thursday night against the New Orleans Saints, Hobbs' Cyclone family reacts.

When ISU head coach Dan McCarney talked to Ellis Hobbs this morning he had a special message for his former Cyclone teammates.


"He told me to tell the fellows ‘I'm representing the Cyclone family proud,'" McCarney said.


He didn't only make his Cyclone family proud; his new Patriot family members had to be beaming.


The rookie cornerback had seven tackles, one sack and four kickoff returns totaling 111 yards, the highlight being a 53-yard kickoff return.


"I saw the 30 yard return, 50 yard return and his sack," McCarney said. "I was getting some work done with the volume and I couldn't help but watch that. I loved seeing it, I was so happy for him."


Former roommate Steve Paris also got to see some of Hobbs' highlights in between team meetings.


"I missed the 50 yard run, but the coaches saw it," Paris said. "I saw the sack in the locker room. I was the only one in the locker room everybody else went home but I wasn't going to leave until a commercial came on because I didn't want to miss any more of his plays."


Paris and Hobbs lived together last year and he said it was a different feeling watching Hobbs in a Patriots uniform.


"It's amazing," Paris said. "I can believe it, but it seems like he was just here in the living room, playing video games with me and now he's on TV making plays."


The two remain in-touch even with their busy schedules and miles separating them, but with both of them preparing for their respective upcoming seasons it's been getting difficult to find time for conversations.


"I talked to him like a week ago," Paris said. "I try to not to talk to him as much because I know he's in camp and I'm in camp too so we don't have that much time to talk. But when I get a chance to talk to him he lets me know what's going on and what I need to do to stay focused to get to where he's at."


New England will have two more preseason games before their regular season begins on Sept. 8 against the Raiders. With Thursday's game against the Saints being only Hobbs' second appearance in a Patriot uniform, his former teammates give him a solid grade.


"As a rookie I'd say [he did] real good. He came up and he showed up on the plays and runs and the passes," Paris said. "I think he had one penalty and a blown coverage but that's teachable, he can recover from that."


Both Hobbs and Paris grew up in the Dallas area; they lived just 10 minutes apart, but didn't know each other until they arrived at Iowa State.


But from day one, Paris knew Hobbs was going to be a special player someday.


"Ever since we came in, he had that drive," Paris said. "You can just tell who has that drive and who doesn't. When he came to Ames he was a running back, but if he'd get tackled he'd always finish his run down to the endzone. He has that endurance among other things. Me and [former teammate] Rashaad Rasberry always said he'll end up going to the league."


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