Iowa State offense shines in scrimmage

Iowa State held its third scrimmage of the preseason on Saturday morning, with the Cyclones' offensive weapons looking impressive.

Summarize the scrimmage.


McCarney: The no. 1 thing, we got minor injuries nothing major. When you finish your third scrimmage and 18th day of camp that's what you're most proud of, I'm real happy. We've improved as a team we got a lot done today, good work day.


First couple of series we went 1s against 2s then from then it was 1s-1s, 2s-2s, 3s-3s got in lots of situations, lots of kicking game. I can't wait to get in and start grading this tape.


We've got to make some real good final evaluations before we break camp, which we do tomorrow. And I'm going to make a decision after I watch the tape tonight. There's a good chance that may be the last scrimmage for 1's. I'm going to scrimmage the 2s, 3s, 4s next Wednesday. 1's I'm real pleased with their progress and there's a good chance we may not scrimmage them until game night two weeks from tonight.


Has Berryman moved up to No. 1?


McCarney: [Shawn] Moorehead, Cephus [Johnson] and [Jason] Berryman are all rolling with the No. 1's. Those three have been rolling with the 1's for the last three days and I can see that happening the next few days and it might happen during the first game. I feel those guys are playing like starters.


Is the 11-for-11 field goal streak still intact?


McCarney: It's not 100 percent but they're still doing a good job. We rested Tony Yelk today, he's been doing a lot. He's in the thick for the punting job, the kick off job and some PAT/FG. He and Blank [Troy Blankenship] are having a great contest for No. 1. There's not a question he's our best kickoff guy.


What were some of the highlights?


McCarney: I thought Bret Meyer and our receivers looked about as good as they have since we started camp - some real big throws and catches there. Jon Davis made a sensational catch, Milan Moses. Austin Flynn a lot of receptions today. He really looks good and I'm real proud of them. The big plays in the scrimmage came in our throwing game between Bret and those receivers and they all looked good. The best bunch of receivers we've had since I've been here.


Are all the No. 1's locked up?


McCarney: Not yet, this is a lot of tape we've got to evaluate today and we'll see then see where we're at. We're closing in on it. I'd say we're real close, about 95 percent - of who our No. 1's are and maybe closer to that.


Are most of the questions still on the offensive line?


McCarney: Still offensive line and our three guys in the defensive end rush position. We've still got to make a decision on and then our No. 1 punter. Most of the rest of them are pretty set.


Who were the team captains elected last night?


McCarney: Tim Dobbins and Nick Leaders on defense, Bret Meyer and Kory Pence on offense – outstanding group. We had 19 kids receive votes which means there's a lot of kids who are looked up to as leaders but four kind of ran away with it.


What were some of the defensive highlights?


McCarney: Not as many as offense, but we did some good things as a unit. It wasn't an offensive track meet but we just made more big plays with offense today in all of camp or in any of the other scrimmage.


Will a decision be made on Marquis Hamilton this week?


McCarney: We're going to try too. We still got two weeks before we play. He along with about three or four of those other newcomers, we're trying to make decisions as soon as we can - play them, redshirt them, get them in the mix, get them in on special teams or hold them out. He's one of those guys, but all those guys in front of him sure didn't take any steps back today at wide receiver. I don't know if he could have moved up with the performance by some of those receivers today.


What about the tight ends and defensive backs?


McCarney: They're not standing out, they're' still freshmen. So I wouldn't say standing out but Steve Johnson, Chris Singleton - those are guys who continue to be in the mix. Whether they can be 2's and we can trust them on the field I don't know that, I want to watch tape.


As for tight ends?


McCarney: [Derrick] Catlett is definitely the best of the three freshmen and he's got a chance to play this year.

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