Monday Post-Practice Report

Nearly all of Iowa State's top positions are locked down head coach Dan McCarney said after Monday's practice.

Mondays practice was used to clean up the mistakes following Saturday's scrimmage.


"The tackling and fundamentals weren't very good," Mac said. "We talked to them, cleaned that up and they were real good again today."


There are still a few decisions to be made on some No. 1's, but ultimately from here on the focus will be Illinois State.


"We know who about 98-99 percent of the starters are going to be, but still have some decisions to make on the newcomers," Mac said. "This week really gives us an extra week to develop the team and make some decisions."


Some of the decisions that either have been or will be made:


  • A decision on Marquis Hamilton will be made this week. Right now if the coaches feel that he will only be a 6-8 then they will redshirt him.


  • Right now the starting five on the O-line would be: Egbers, Pence, Stephenson, Zehr, and Brant. McCarney said that Egbers has played really well, but hinted that there will be an ongoing battle with the Fishers.


  • Moorehead, Berryman and Johnson still listed co-No. 1's at DE.


  • Basically special teams are the only unit with decisions still to be made on No. 1's especially the punting and placekicking jobs.


  • Look for the scrimmage on Wednesday to play a big part in settling any of the open positions on special teams.

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