Get to know captain Bret Meyer

Bret Meyer threw for 1,926 passing yards, the 10th best single-season passing total in ISU history; he was the team's second leading rusher with 331 yards on 144 carries. The Sporting News named him a third team freshman all-American selection after a sensational first season.

Were you surprised when you heard your name called as captain?


Meyer: Yeah a little bit, I was a little bit surprised. I was excepting it to be mostly seniors, but it felt good.


What type of leader are you – vocal or lead by example?


Meyer: I'm both when I need to be, I like to try to lead by example on or off the field.


Now for the fun stuff…


Name me three Cyclones to look out for this fall.


Meyer: Todd Blythe, Nick Leaders and Greedy Paris.






What was the best practical joke you've been a part of?


Meyer: I guess we stole James Smith's helmet at the Shrine Bowl from him. He was getting all nervous, me and Blythe did.


Did you give it back?


Meyer: Yeah, we gave it back to him.


Did he get to play?


Meyer: It was just for a practice when he first got there. We went up there and took it; he was in the room with us so it's kind of his fault.



What's the best movie you've seen in the last six months?


Meyer: Wedding Crashers was pretty funny



What's in your CD player?


Meyer: Young Jeezy and Webbie



Who's the best dresser on the team?


Meyer: Greedy





Meyer: He always looks like clean.



Which teammate makes you laugh the most?


Meyer: Greedy or Lentrell Nealy



What's your pregame ritual?


Meyer: Nothing really, just stay calm and pray before games.



What was your best Halloween costume as a kid?


Meyer: A football player.


Which football player?


Meyer: Brett Favre because we had the same name.


Do you like the Packers?


Meyer: No, not really.


What's your favorite NFL team?


Meyer: Probably the Dolphins



After a typical game or practice which hurts most your arms, legs, shoulders or head?


Meyer: My legs and my head after games.



Who has the best nickname on the team?


Meyer: We got a lot of them; I'll say Greedy because that's what everybody knows him as.



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