Get to know captain Kory Pence

After being a squad member the 2002 and 2003 seasons Kory Pence took a huge leap in 2004. The hard-working offensive lineman earned a starting nod and improved dramatically throughout the season.

Were you surprised when you heard your name called as captain?


Pence: Yeah, I was pretty surprised. It's a great honor to be captain. Not many guys have the opportunity to be captain so I was really surprised when Coach Mac called my name.


What type of leader are you?


Pence: I like to lead more by example, just through my hard work and showing the other guys what it takes. Just lately I'm trying to be more vocal, talking to the guys, especially being a senior and one of the older guys on the team. It's not my personality but I'm trying to be more of a vocal leader.


What did you learn from the captains last year? You played besides Luke Vander Sanden and Cale Stubbe.


Pence: I just know that those guys set the example, just by being the kind of players they were. I played next to both Cale and Luke and just being able to play next to them and them helping me out was awesome last year. They both just showed me how hard you had to work to play offensive line in the Big 12. When it came down to gut check during the games; when there were situations when we needed to get a first down, they'd get into your face and really get you going - push you to that next level when you're tired.


Now for the fun stuff…


Name me three Cyclones to look out for this fall.


Pence: Austin Flynn he's been doing great at camp. Our defensive ends, I think are going to be good - Moorehead, Berryman and Johnson. So watch out for those three guys on the ends. Hopefully some young guys in the secondary will step up.




What's the best practical joke you've been a part of?


Pence: We enjoyed the talent show we just got done with on Saturday. It was probably the best one I'd been to in my four years here. The guys just enjoy teasing the other guys and coaches on the team. It's just for fun. We're loose at the end of camp.


We got Coach Getty up there doing a little stomp dance. He stole the show, he got honorable monition for the talent show, it was pretty funny.



Who won?


Pence: The kickers did a funny video. It was hilarious, Bret Culbertson did a movie. He wants to be a movie producer. It was a play, an experience one of the kickers had last year. I won't say names but he missed practice and they did a spoof off of that. It was pretty funny. It was good; it had everybody rolling in the aisles.


How much time do you think he spent on it?


Pence: It looked like he put a lot of time into it, it had credits and everything.


How does he find time?


Pence [laughing]: They're kickers.



We had to sometimes boo the guys off the stage, because some aren't very good. That's definitely exclusive uncensored film.


Do you think I could get a copy of that?


Pence: I think Bret Culbertson taped it. I know a couple guys who don't want that to get out.



What's the best movie you've seen in the last six months?


Pence: I've gone to a couple. Wedding Crashers was pretty funny. I actually went to my first drive in movie in Newton. I guess there's only three left over, it was pretty cool. I went to Stealth and Fabulous Four; those are both pretty good.



What's in your CD player?


Pence: I just do my own CD's. I just have an alternative mix, a rap mix and I actually like some country. I think I got some Brian McKnight in there, most people wouldn't know about that, but I got some of his stuff.



Who's the best dresser on the team?


Pence: I bet Baum and Yelk have to be up there



Who's the worst dresser?


Pence: Goos, he has belt buckles.


I haven't seen those.


Pence: You haven't seen Goos in his cowboy boots and belt buckles? You're going to have to ask him about those. Ask him about his Wranglers, he also has a flat bed.


I wouldn't say it's bad; he's got a different style.



Which teammate makes you laugh the most?


Pence: Lentrell Nealy, he's hilarious. On and off the field, just a riot.



What was your best Halloween costume as a kid?


Pence: I got pretty big fast so I didn't go to Halloween real often.


What about your daughter did you take her out last year? How old is she?


Pence: My daughter is 15 months old, she didn't go last year.


I went as an M&M one year.


What color?


Pence: I think it was blue, but it might have been red. I think I still have it up in the closet at my parents' house. We did all the regular stuff like ghosts and masks.



Who has the best nickname on the team?


Pence: Shaggy's [Bret Culbertson] pretty good.


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