An open letter to Cyclone fans

August 18th was the one-month anniversary for the new staff at Cyclone Nation and I wanted to give everyone an update on the state of Cyclone Nation.

During the first month with our new staff in place we averaged five published stories per day and that was still during the off-season.  This pace is even more amazing considering the fact that our team was getting themselves acclimated on how to operate the website at the same time publishing two issues of Cyclone Nation the magazine.  As impressive as that pace is there should be even more stories now that the fall sports season is here.  To top it all off our current pace of publishing stories is easily the most per-day output in the history of Cyclone Nation.


Thanks to all of you, we have had a 9.8% increase in subscriptions since July 18th which has us at our all time record for on-line subscriptions.


As you all have probably seen, we are continuing to tinker with look of our message boards and we are committed to having one of the best looking sites on the Scout network.  As I have said many times already, Cyclone Nation website and magazine are for you, my fellow Cyclone fans, so please continue to offer your feedback on the look and feel of the website because our number one concern is serving our fellow Cyclone fan's needs.


I would like to take this time to thank Amanda Ouverson for the fantastic job she has done publishing an unprecedented number of articles on the website over the past month while also writing stories for our magazine at the same time. 


Thanks also go out to Ryan Buck for assisting Amanda with practice reports, covering the Shrine Bowl, helping at media day, and also writing articles for CN the magazine.


Mike Dempsey and Andrew Swan have done a fantastic job with the latest edition of CN the magazine and Mark Hersom has provided fantastic analysis of the Capital City League and the Shrine Bowl.   I would also like to thank Reese Strickland for providing the fantastic Media Day photographs.


Finally, as you can see Cyclone Nation is in the process of growing at its most rapid rate since it was first started in 2002 and now is a great time for those of you who don't currently subscribe to Cyclone Nation to jump on board for what could be the best sports season ever at ISU.  To subscribe to Cyclone Nation website and magazine simply click here,, and start enjoying the best Cyclone sports coverage available.


Many more announcements and new features will be coming soon and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible on September third when we kick off the season against Illinois State.  Thank you again for your support of Cyclone Nation!




Chad Winterboer


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