Get to know captain Tim Dobbins

Tim Dobbins was the Big 12 Conference Defensive Newcomer of the Year in 2004 and an honorable mention all-Big 12 selection. The junior college transfer made an immediate impact adding 61 tackles and two interceptions on a prolific Cyclone defense.

Were you surprised when you heard your name called as captain?


Dobbins: Yes, I was very surprised. We have a whole lot of great leaders on this team. I was surprised the team picked me to be a captain. It's a very great honor and I appreciate it.


You're kind of a new guy still.


Dobbins: It was very unexpected, because they got some seniors who have been here four or five years on the team. They've been some good players for the team and I come in and play two years and get a captains spot.


What type of leader are you?


Dobbins: I'm silent by example, but I'm trying to get my vocal skills where I can stand up in front of the team and talk. We have three other captains that do a whole lot of talking and pick up my slack if I don't.


Who's the loudest captain?


Dobbins: Pence, he's a good guy. He always has good, positive things to say to the team.


Name me three Cyclones to look out for this fall.


Dobbins: Alvin Bowen, Matt Robertson and Jason Scales.



Scales is not a linebacker.


Dobbins: I had to go with the offense for the third one.



What's the best movie you've seen in the last six months?


Dobbins: Batman, what was it called? The new one that just came out; Batman Begins.



What's in your CD player?


Dobbins: I got a little Webbie in there right now.



Who is the best dresser on the team?


Dobbins: Lentrell Nealy.



Which teammate makes you laugh the most?


Dobbins: Ben Barkema.


What does he do?


Dobbins: Every time he sees me, you know on South Park, he goes ‘Timmy, Timmy, Timmy!' That's just what he does.



Do you have a pregame ritual?


Dobbins: No, I don't, but I hope to get one. Maybe watch highlight tapes or something before the game.



What was your best Halloween costume as a kid?


Dobbins: Myself, I'm scary.


You have two little girls, have you dressed them up?


Dobbins: Yes.


What are their names and how old are they?


Dobbins: Anna is four and Timera is 20 months.


What were they?


Dobbins: One was a butterfly and one was a pumpkin.


Do you take them trick-or-treating?


Dobbins: Yes.


Do people recognize you?


Dobbins: No, I'm a nobody; I'm not Bret Meyer, I'm not Stevie Hicks.


Do you take them to players' houses?


Dobbins: We went to a couple – Matt Robertson and Jimmy Morris.



Which player would be the worst babysitter?


Dobbins: Matt Robertson, because he's just too violent. You never know what he might teach them.



Who do you think would be the best?


Dobbins: Ryan Kock or Kory Pence.



After a typical game or practice which hurts most your arms, legs, shoulders or head?


Dobbins: Shoulders, I do a lot of running into people.



Who has the best nickname on the team?


Dobbins: Greedy, it's just sounds cool to me.


Do you have a nickname?


Dobbins: Nope

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