Can Curvey repeat the feat?

For two consecutive weekends last season Brent Curvey found himself in an unfamiliar position - running to the endzone.

Believe it or not for a couple weeks last season Brent Curvey was one of the leading scorers on the ISU football team.


"It was a very different experience," Curvey said with a smile. "I'm a defensive tackle; you're not used to seeing anything like that happen. I was blessed to have it happen and it happened twice. I called my mother and she couldn't believe it happened for the second time. It was a blessing."


The first time it happened in Iowa States' 26-25 victory over Baylor, Curvey rumbled 65 yards down the field for the touchdown.


A week later against Kansas, the 305-pounder picked up a fumble and scooted 30 yards into the endzone.


"My trips to the endzone last season was unexpected so if it happens again it happens, if it don't it doesn't," Curvey said. "I'm not expecting too just like I wasn't last year. I don't want to jinx myself or mess anything up."


The junior earned honorable mention all-Big 12 honors last season with his 52 tackles (five for a loss), and 1.5 sacks.


There's lots of continuity on the defensive line with Nick Leaders, Cephus Johnson, Shawn Moorehead and Jason Berryman all being familiar with one another.


"The unity right here on the d-line is plus," Curvey said. "You know you can trust the man next to you on the d-line. When it comes down to 3rd and 1 - who can you trust? You can trust the man next to you."


Currently playing behind Curvey at the defensive tackle position is redshirt freshman Jason McGinty, who has made measurable strides over summer.


"He's come a long way," Curey said. "He lost a lot of weight. He reminds me of myself, maybe just a tad slower. He's come a long way. I like his work ethic now and I can respect him a lot because of all the hard work he's put in."

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