Get to know Cephus Johnson

A season ago Johnson finished with 23 tackles and reports out of camp have this season shaping up to be his best. Currently Johnson's locked in a three way battle with Shawn Moorehead and Jason Berryman for the No. 1 spot.

What's your favorite restaurant in Ames?


Johnson: Red Lobster


Who is the worst dancer on the team?


Johnson: Lentrell Nealy



Who is the best dresser on the team?


Johnson: I'd have to say Steve Paris, Brent Curvey when he wants to be and also myself.


Who is the worst dresser?


Johnson: Probably Nik Moser





Johnson: He just wears beat up shirts and run down hats. It looks like the hats been kicked all over the place and a pair of shorts and some shoes. It's not my style.


What's in your CD player?


Johnson: Webbie


Which teammate makes you laugh the most?


Johnson: Greedy, Steve Paris




Johnson: He's just funny; he's just original. He just always got me laughing. He can say the stupidest things but it always makes me laugh, just his accent and stuff.


What's your favorite TV show?


Johnson: I don't really have one; I guess I'll say Being Bobby Brown. 

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