Get to know Tony Yelk

Over the course of his six year career, Tony Yelk has become one of Iowa State's all-time best punters. His 42.3 yards on 164 career punts is the second-best mark in ISU history.

Tell me three Cyclones to look out for this season.


Yelk: Bret Meyer, I think he's as determined and focused as he's ever been. The sophomore season there's always the issue with the sophomore slump and I think he's extremely hungry.


Nick Leaders is always a force in the middle and I think Steve Paris has really separated himself as one of the best safeties in the league.



What is the best practical joke you've been apart of?


Yelk: I think the specialist video in our talent show.


The spoof on the kickers?


Yelk: Yes, it was pretty good.


Did you star in it?


Yelk: No, but I had some slight suggestions with the production aspect.


Was it a documentary or a cartoon?


Yelk: It was a human production and I had a very,very,very small role and the guys who made it might even get mad at me for saying I had a small role.



What's the best movie you've seen in the last six months?


Yelk: Wedding Crashers, it was hilarious. I've seen it twice and might go back a third.


What's in your CD player?


Yelk: I got a mixed CD it has a little recent rap, hip hop if you will. Anywhere from Boyz  N the Hood to Sean Paul, Lil John, Ying Yang Twins and Young Jeezy.  


Who is the best dresser on the team?


Yelk: If you can't vote for yourself…


Cephus and Curvey did.


Yelk: You can tell Cephus and Curvey they're not on my level. I think Steve Paris, Greedy has some style.


You have some style; I've seen your colored suits.


Yelk: Yes, I try to liven up gameday a little bit.  A lot of the times it's pretty intense and I'm not really out to make a fashion statement; I just enjoy it. I got a guy back home, that's where I get the suits, he hooks me up a little bit.


Who is the worst dresser on the team?


Yelk: Austin Flynn he'll come in with some of the most ratty shorts and hats and cutoff shirts.


Cowboy boots?


Yelk: Not much on the cowboy boots but he will bust out the cowboy hat from time to time. He's going to love me for saying that one.


They mentioned Moser the other day.


Yelk: Moser and Flynn are in similar apparel.



Which teammate makes you laugh the most?


Yelk: I would say either Jason Fiacco or Greedy. I have a little Wisconsin connection with Fiacco.


What's the best Halloween costume as a kid?


Yelk: I was a scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, I think I was six.


Did your whole family dress up?


Yelk: Yes, and my youngest brother was Dorothy, but he was just an infant, a year old.


Who has the best nickname on the team?


Yelk: Shaggy


Do you have any?


Yelk: Not Really, but I've kind of developed a few.


Like what?


Yelk: TY, TYelk, 14 nothing to extravagant, but Van Wilder and Gramps have now become a little more popular.


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