Mock game wrap-up with Coach Mac

With kickoff less than a week away, Iowa State held a scripted mock game on Saturday night under the lights at Jack Trice Stadium. Here's a game Q&A wrap up with Coach Mac.

Could you give us a run down of the mock game held on Saturday?


Like always we had 140 plays - it's offensive, defense, special teams. It's all against Illinois State. It's our 1's and 2's against 3's and 4's. I was pleased in that there wasn't a lot of sloppy play. There weren't a lot of turnovers; there wasn't a bunch of flags. I thought the scout team physically did the best job since I've been here trying to give those guys a look even though its not going to be as good as Saturday night. And we came out healthy so all-in-all I thought it was a good workday.


Were there any highlights/big plays?


It's a real strange thing if you've never seen it or been around it, because the offense might get a 25 yard gain but the next play is second and 12. We script the whole thing ahead of time. There wasn't anybody that was sensational.


We got live looks at every phase of the kicking game. Our kickers did a good job, Bret Culbertson and Edgar Arceo, both did a real nice job. We script bad plays, we script sudden changes, and we script turnovers even though they don't happen. It's to cover every situation that could come up in a game and definitely a season. We had overtimes had the officials come out and do the flip and take them through all of that.


We had the lights on, get the environment, catch the ball in the lights, catch a punt, catch a kick off, throw the ball in the lights trying to get them as ready as we can.


How did Adam Carper do, I heard he had a pretty good night.


Carp had a real good night, he had a couple interceptions and again you're going against the scout team trying to do Illinois State. He played real well, a lot of tackles a lot of interceptions. He had a real good camp. He's the only freshman going to be starting on Saturday night but he's had a great camp. If just goes and does what he's done the last 25 practices I think he has a chance to get off to a pretty good start.


What about some of the other freshmen, did they perform differently under the lights?


You know there weren't a lot of them that played. Singleton was fine he doesn't get shook. He didn't have a different look out there Saturday night than he did first few days of practice. He's a pretty mature kid who's going to play. JC guys you know you except some more maturity with those guys that are playing because they've played in all these games that are college. Even though they're JC they've still played a lot of college games already.


For the other kids it was another evaluation and the things I was most concerned about was effort and mental errors and just not doing stupid things - turnovers or penalties and I thought it was a pretty good work day.

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