Nik Moser Q&A

Moser led the team with 85 tackles and was second on the team with three interceptions in 2004.

Are you getting antsy?


Moser: Yes, it's kind of finally starting to feel like game time now; it's game week. This is a regular game week and it feels good to get in the swing of things.



Are you excited to see Brian Thompson?


Moser: I haven't seen BT for a while so it will be fun to compete against him. We came in at the same time. Just competing against him will be a good time.


Did you know each other pretty well?


Moser: No, we just came in the same class together. We lived on the same floor as freshmen. He was a friend of mine while he was here and he's had success at Illinois State.



How has Berryman won the trust of his teammates back?


Moser: Quietly, you don't hear a lot from him. He just goes out there and does his job. You're not worried about him making a mistake, he just goes out there and does his job and you really don't hear a lot from him.


What percent of the team wanted him back?


Moser: I don't know if you can put a percentage on it, it was Coach Mac's decision and once he was back we accepted him whole-heartedly.


Is he the same player as he was before?


Moser: I don't know if we need the same player. We need him to be good, but at the same time I think we have a better defense than we did in 2003.


Have you noticed a change in his attitude?


Moser: He's humble, he's real humble right now, and he doesn't say a whole lot. He goes out there and does his job and does what's expected of him.


Is that more welcomed by the team?


Moser: Maybe, when a guys out there doing his job and he's not saying much about it, that's welcomed anywhere.



How has LaMarcus Hicks done at cornerback so far?


Moser: He's a playmaker for us. Last year he was a playmaker at nickel and he's stepped up and had a great, great spring, and camp and he's going to be a solid player for us.

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