Jason Berryman Q&A

Berryman will be starting at RUSH end for the Cyclones on Saturday against Illinois State.

So what's it like being out there again?


It feels real good; when I came in this summer it was kind of hard adjusting to everything and coming back to school and trying to get back to being a student-athlete. It was a long road and the road's not over.


How rewarding is it to be back in the starting lineup?


It feels pretty good. I can't deny that but whether its 70 snaps or one snap I'm just wanting to do anything I can to help the team win.


Do you feel that you're back up to full speed or are there things you need to work on?


I mean if any player thinks he's reached his full potential he should stop playing. I have a lot of growing left to do, a lot of learning left to do and I think I'm at the right place to do that.


It's been awhile since you've been on a football field playing against an opponent, how anxious are you to get out there on Saturday?


I mean the anxiety is really not that hard, because out there at practice we get the same intensity every day from the 2's from the 3's, whoever we're going up against it's the same intensity so we're very well prepared to play anybody.


What was it like over the summer trying to prove yourself to the team and Coach Mac?


Well, I think that they kind of came along, but I was trying to prove it to myself first - trying to get where I wanted to be as far as playing shape, as academically, as far as being a man trying to get myself better. I let myself become better, I've shown other people I've become better and it's not finished yet.


How are your teammates treating you?


They're very understanding, very accepting I mean as far as the full respect I'm pretty sure I haven't gotten everybody's full respect and that's something I'm working on.


What do you do to try to earn that respect back?


Just by doing everything right, being on time for meetings, going to class, being accountable on and off the field, are just some of the things I'm trying to do to earn my accountability back.


Describe that process coming back, working your way back what did you have to do to put in that extra time and effort?


It was hard work, nothing came easy, nothings still coming easy. The person I wouldn't say behind me, but who's right next to me he's pushing me just as hard as I'm pushing him. I mean whether it's me stepping out on the field Saturday or him stepping out we're both going to contribute to the team on Saturday.


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