Jon Davis Press Conference Q&A

As a sophomore Jon Davis led the Cyclones with 48 receptions in 2004; he averaged 51.2 yards per game.

What are you expecting from Illinois State defensively?


Davis: We're not really sure because they have a lot of people missing from their secondary last year and they're changing their defense up a little bit. We still expect them to come out fighting hard and playing real good.


Did you know Brian Thompson? Were you real close?


Davis: Not real close friends with him but we were good friends, but I haven't talked to him since he left though.


Talk about Austin Flynn and his change from quarterback to wide receiver.


Davis: I knew he was an athlete and he'd be able to do it well, but I didn't think he'd be able to do it as quick as he did. Right when spring ball started he was with us and doing real well. From the quarterback sense he had he's understanding where to find the holes and where to sit and everything. So overall he's done a real good job but it doesn't surprise me that much.


Is consistency a big issue with you as far as taking that next step in this league?


Davis: Yeah I've heard all the ‘me being inconsistent and stuff like that.' But I've just got to focus on me being consistent and try to block all that other stuff out, just focus on the little things.


What does inconsistent mean - dropping balls, running routes?


Davis: Everything overall, blocking, getting my blocking assignments, running my routes at the required depth, catching the ball, the whole thing.


Is Marquis Hamilton still working with the first team or the second team?


To tell you the truth I do not know for sure. He's running with the two's but every once and a while he'll get in with the ones. But overall I think he might stay with the twos. He's done pretty good for just transitioning out of high school, so I don't know what to expect from him.


Would you be surprised to see him play this year?


Davis: Possibly, I don't know, maybe a little bit.


How would you describe Iowa State's offense compared to last year?


Well I think a lot of things will be the same. Overall I think we're a whole lot more comfortable than we were last year, since it was so new to us. So I think a lot of things will be a whole lot crisper but overall I think we're going to focus on getting better day-by-day but not to much of a change.



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