CN Business of the Day - Part II

Craig Adamson started Adamson Financial Planning in the Fall of 2000. He overcame a Hawkeye upbringing and saw the light while attending Iowa State.

How long have you been associated with Iowa State athletics?


Adamson:  My parents are from South Dakota and were cruel to my brother and me -they let us grow up as Iowa fans!!!  Fortunately, my brother and I were both saved/cured by attending Iowa State.  It could have been a horrible, horrible life for us struggling along by taking the easy road and joining The Dark Side.  I started school at ISU in 1991 so it has been 14 years.  I started going to football game right away and basketball my sophomore year when I could afford to buy both football and basketball tickets. 


How many of your employees/children are Iowa State students/alums?


Adamson: None.  My wife, Ann, wants to get her Master's at ISU.  Since she's a die-hard fan (Loras College grad) she wants to have a connection to the school like me.  But she's had season tickets to football with me for 7 years (since we started dating).  We have trouble finding clothes in our wardrobe that don't have red or ISU logos on them.   For my first Father's Day, Ann and our nine month old daughter got their pictures taken in their Cyclone outfits.  My daughter, Rachel, has on an 'old-school' ISU cheerleader outfit on.  Suffice to say, she will be cheering only until she gets a basketball or softball scholarship to Iowa State


Do a bunch of employees get together and tailgate before the games?


Adamson:   I actually buy an extra set of tickets to take clients to games.  So usually we are tailgating with friends and clients.  Then throw in the people we know around us from tailgating.  Sometimes we've had as many as 35 people having fun before games. 


What are some of your favorite Iowa State moments?


Adamson: My friend Mike Ludwig convinced me after the Drake loss in 1999 that we should buy a five game ticket package Iowa State was practically giving away.  So we drove from Marion to Ames to watch us beat Iowa, Nebraska, OU, and TX.  Mike couldn't make the game versus KU so I took my wife.  Her first Hilton Magic experience and we're playing KU!  We rocked the house and our boys rocked #1 KU's world on our way to the most glorious season in ISU basketball history!!!  Then, my buddy Mike has the nerve... THE NERVE to ask me to get tickets to the conference tourney in KC.  Four of us guys enjoy watching every single ISU Men's and Women's basketball games on their way to winning dual tourney championships (in addition to their dual conference titles).  Then watching on TV as our men's team scared the holy, living blank out of Michigan State and just missing winning an NCAA title. 


Others I can think of??? Going to AZ to see the Bowl win, watching us "beat" FSU at Arrowhead on Seneca's 1st amazing run, Seneca's 2nd amazing run "The Run" against T-Tech, seeing Cael Sanderson wrestle in person, watching that ISU Librarian win the Shoot 5-for-5 contest at the KU game (which we also one).  Being recognized as "Loud Guy" at a tailgate in Norman, OK by Cyclone fans from our season ticket section (Section 20).


Hey, I'm 20 minutes north of the Black Hole.  So anytime we beat Iowa!!!  My friend, Ron Pins, and I had begun going to football games and at one point were 5 and 0 when attending ISU vs. Iowa games together.  So we were in Iowa City during the famous Hawkeye meltdown in the second half.  Nothing is prettier than seeing thousands of 1st half loud-mouths run for the Kinnick exits when their team is suddenly behind after a blitz-krieg by the Cyclones in the 3rd Quarter.  Ahh... the silence and then the subsequent whining!  I love it!  I love it!  I love it! -to steal a tagline.

Is there anything else you can think of and would like us to mention?


Adamson: Cyclone Nation is doing a great job.  I know Chad Winterboer personally so I can vouch for his TRUE FAN/SUPER FAN status to run this publication!  The enthusiasm for ISU really shows.  I'm very jealous that he has found his dream job.  Although, I do question some of his abilities only because he's also a die-hard Cowboys fan.  


Cyclone Nation has really hit on something here with this Cyclone Business Directory.  Cyclone fans should be supporting one another.  I learned a lot over the past 18 months about how to get Cyclone games on the air here locally.  It's expensive.  We were without football and basketball coverage for several years.  We couldn't even get games on radio!!!


As a sponsor for ISU events and radio coverage here in the Cedar Rapids area, it really helps me business when Cyclones do business with me.  First off, we've got something in common.  It's always more fun to work with people you like.  Secondly, what ISU fans may not realize is that in order to carry games and have ISU sign broadcasting contracts, advertising dollars are needed.  Otherwise our games would all be "pay-per-view" or just not carried at all.  That goes for radio too.  Business owners like me don't typically benefit from advertising this way.  My work is very customized and personalized.  However, I'm as RED as they come so I want to be able to follow our teams. 


I encourage any Cyclone fan who has a need, to contact TV and radio sponsors to see if you can buy a product or a service from them first.  Let them know you appreciate them being a sponsor.  I'll guarantee you in almost all cases the profits from you buying that product or service are going to end up supporting Iowa State in one way or another.  I can't speak for all the other businesses, but I bet they are all a lot like me wanting to help our fellow Cyclone fans and Iowa State.


Also, if you happen to be a Cyclone Fan and small business owner in the Sioux City area, I'd like to meet you.  I don't have many clients in that part of the state and my dad lives there.  I'd be more inclined to make the 4 1/2 hour drive more regularly with a client meetings needing to take place in Northwest Iowa!!!


CN encourages all Cyclone fans to do business with Cyclone Businesses of the Day. You can contact Craig Adamson at 1000 Lindale Drive in Marion, IA 52302. You can reach him by phone at 319-373-4124 or 1-800-377-3216.

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