ISU player quotes

Hear from a trio of Cyclones in their 32-21 win.

Iowa State's Tony Yelk
"There's always room to improve, but I'll take this for a first game. You've always got to be ready, and I was just trying to take the approach of being a back-up or a starter; I didn't know what I would be. You're only as good as your last kick. In my six years here I've learned a lot about that and been through many ups and downs. As far as being the number one guy, I'd like to think this helped my campaign, but you never know what can happen.

Iowa State's Jason Berryman
"I felt real good about my first game back. I think we've got to improve a lot just like anyone else. I didn't really have any expectations going into tonight; I just wanted to play and see what I could do. Not playing for awhile was somewhat a factor in my game, but I was still felt well conditioned. Next week we've got to come out with more intensity and focus, and I think we can improve greatly."

Iowa State's Bret Meyer
"Obviously we could always play a lot better. We could of had enough of what we were doing before. We knew they'd come hard and play hard. We knew they were good football players. Two fumbles, those are plays I shouldn't be making.

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