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Hear from Denver Johnson and the RedBirds in their 32-21 loss to the Cyclones.

Illinois State Head Coach Denver Johnson
(Feelings coming into the game) "I am proud of the football team. Couldn't be any prouder unless we would have won."

(on Iowa State's play) "Certainly tip my hat to ISU, they are an excellent football team. They will go on to have a great year."

(on coming in as an underdog) "I'll never coach a game or ask a team to play a game unless I fully intend to win. Coming on the road as a heavy underdog you have to play good. I don't believe in moral victories, a loss is a loss."

(on playing in Ames) "What a great place to play college football. It is a fabulous atmosphere to play."

(on Iowa State's defense) "That is a very good defensive front. We knew it would be tough chore to run the ball."

(on their defense) "We are kind of light on the defensive side of the ball so that made it difficult to match up with ISU. I thought we held up pretty good against the run."

(on their quarterback) "Throughout the game I thought it looked like Luke got more comfortable."

Illinois State Wide Receiver Lauren Robinson
"Coming on the road this is a tough loss. We have to get ready for Drake and fight hard to get our first win. Coming into this game we were big underdogs. We started to click a little more in the second half. Getting 177 yards is great, but it was not good enough. It's a loss and it hurts. They have us rated seventh in the Gateway we think people are disrespecting us. We showed tonight we can play with a lot of teams. They shut our running game down in the first half and it took us a little off track. They were loading the box to stop us so we tried to beat them going one-on-one in the passing game."

Illinois State Defensive back Jesse Ceaser
"(on the fumble return for a touchdown) I just went after the ball and picked it up and all I saw was the end zone. Iowa State made good adjustments after halftime and started to beat us with the pass. We struggled a little bit adjusting to their passing game."

Illinois State quarterback Luke Drone
"In the first half, we did not execute the run. We got it going in the second half by throwing the ball. We came in tonight to win the game and we are not here for moral victories. We did not execute in certain areas and that cost us.

(On the interception by Berryman) "It was a play where he read the screen well. I did not think he was going to drop back and he did. I should have tried to run it instead of throwing it."

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