Some thoughts from Bret Meyer

ISU quarterback Bret Meyer took part in the Big 12 teleconference this morning. The sophomore from Atlantic passed for 314 yards against Illinois State, completing 30-of-his-41 passes.

Opening statements


It's always good to get a shouldn't have been that close. Nothing against them, they're a great team, but anytime you go up against a I-AA team it shouldn't be as close as it was. We got a win…and we're just looking forward to having a good week in practice and getting ready for Iowa.


Thoughts on offensive line.


I thought they did all right. We need to run the ball better than we did. As far as passing, I thought they did a great job.


Stevie was kind of rusty, do you think it will take him a little time to get back into it?


I'm not really sure. I think Stevie will be ready to go this week. That touchdown run he had was mid-season form.


We could sense some disappointment in your voice after the game, is that a sign of maturity?


I think I would have been then same way last year, but it's a team game. I can throw for 500 yards and if we don't win the game I don't really care [about my stats].


Do you feel more comfortable that the Iowa State-Iowa game is in Ames?


I'd rather play it at home than on the road. So I'll be comfortable at home.


It was an even split with 41 passing plays and 41 running plays. Was that a product of the past weeks game or something we'll see all season long?


I guess it maybe be a product of the game, but it's something we want to do.


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