Pre-Iowa Q&A with Austin Flynn

Austin Flynn talks Cy-Hawk and more as the big game nears.

So how do you like wide receiver now?


Flynn: I'll tell you what, it's a little more physical than I thought but it still enjoyed it.



You mean like getting hit or anything special?


Flynn: Every play it's a block or even a pass play when you catch a ball. There's really not a lot of opportunities as quarterback [to get hit], you just got to go back there and maybe hand the ball off once in a while, boot leg out and don't get hit.


It's a little more physical than I thought, maybe not as big of hits I'd say as a quarterback, but I took my share of hits.



What do you think of the Iowa secondary?


Flynn: It's great. I'm sure their corner Antwan Allen; he's ready to come back. He'll be fresh and ready to go. Just on tape they're pretty good. It's going to be a challenge for us. I thought as a receiving core we had pretty good success last game, so it's going to be a challenge to repeat that.



Do you think Allen will play?


Flynn: As far as I know he is. I have no idea; I don't really know the situation to tell you the truth.



After your switch from quarterback to wide receiver, did your success in the first game surprise even yourself?


Flynn: It pleased me. At the same time I thought I'd really worked hard during the off-season. I don't think it really surprised me. I just got a lot of help, maybe the secondary was tilting over to T.Blythe or JD [Jon Davis], maybe that kind of helped me out a bit. There's some things that go into that, maybe I was the only receiver open at the time they just rolled the coverage and it just so happened to be that I got as many receptions as I did get.



With Blythe and Davis out there can you sneak around more?


Flynn: I guess so far. If you have such great receivers as T.Blythe and JD that can run down the field and make plays I guess maybe some defenses want to maybe roll over to their side more and maybe give me and R.J. [Sumrall] and Milan [Moses] other opportunities. So we have to come up and step up and play big.



Do you sneak into the meeting of the quarterbacks for this game, because you did play against Iowa last season?


Flynn: Not at all, I haven't taken a snap.



Do the quarterbacks pick your brain?


Flynn: They haven't said anything to me and I haven't thought about it. I'm just concentrating on receiver and trying to get my plays down. The plays that we're putting in, trying to get myself ready as a receiver. That hasn't even crossed my mind. I don't think it's crossed the coaching staffs mind. Hopefully Bret makes it through.



Talk about the Iowa linebackers.


Flynn: One of the best linebacking cores I've ever seen. Greenway is just an all-around total athlete, total linebacker. He tackles extremely well and is one of the better coverage guys I've ever seen as a linebacker.


Hodge is just tremendous; he's big and can really stop the run as a single person. Their entire linebacking core, just seeing their 2-deep and 3-deep, overall are just spectacular.



Was Hodge was one of the guys who had the hit on you last year?


Flynn: I guess he was kind of the one who stopped me, but it was actually their d-line tackle. I was falling back and he just kind of coming back hit me square right in the head.



Do you remember it?


Flynn: I remember everything about the game until that point. The next thing I remember is holding hands up in the locker room saying the prayer, that's it. So I didn't know if we lost or won.



What makes Todd Blythe an effective receiver?


Flynn: I think just his work ethic; I think you saw, it's hard to see people how they really work in the weight room.  I think you can see, when you had an ACL tear like he did and to come back as strong as he did and in such quick time. He's just got a tremendous work ethic and it carries on to the field and it also helps to be 6-foot-5 and as big as he is.



What's the hardest thing about being a wide receiver?


Flynn: It's just something brand new. I think I just had to start from scratch. Coach Grant has really just helped me out tremendously. He hasn't had a receiver that didn't play receiver in high school so I think I got to give a lot of credit to him and they way he's helped me out.



Will you only be on the receiving end of passes on Saturday?


Flynn: Well, honestly I don't know. We really haven't put in any plays yet. We had one practice on Sunday, but it was a lot of corrections and kind just getting the basics down for Iowa.  So we haven't put any plays like that in.



You haven't worked on any plays like that during the summer?


Flynn: Any plays at all to tell you the truth, but I wouldn't tell you if we did. We haven't done anything yet.



Do you have a greater appreciation for wide receivers now?


Flynn: I do - a tremendous more appreciation. Like I said it was more physical than I thought it'd be and you know just the little things that they have to do to get off the ball. And even getting off the ball, trying to make a block down field and a lot of time not knowing where the ball is at and making that block. That's what springs a lot of touchdowns for a running back and I take tremendous pride in that. I like seeing a running back go 70 yards because of a block down field.

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