Pre-Iowa Q&A with Bret Meyer

Recently Bret Meyer's email account has seen more activity from the Eastern part of the state.

Do you think Iowa will be blitzing more this weekend?


Meyer: I'm not really sure what they're going to do. I haven't seen much of their Ball State tape. I've watched a bit of last year but they had the defensive line they had last year. I'm not sure what their game plan is going to be.



Will you keep an eye on Greenway and Hodge?


Meyer: If that's what I'm reading on a play I will, but I'm not going to do anything out of the ordinary as far as reading my keys during the game.



What makes Todd Blythe so effective?


Meyer: His size, his route running, his aggressiveness. I think his attitude - all the quality types you look for in your receiver.



What's it like walking around campus this week?


Meyer: [Tuesday was the] first day this week, but I can see a few more people got their ‘Beat Iowa' shirts on and some people come up and wish us luck and tell us how much they want us to win, but other than that it's the same.



Do people call you or email you?


Meyer: I had a couple few people send things to me, but not so much was positive.



What's the negative stuff been?


Meyer: One kid from Iowa sent me an email from Iowa and predicted what my stats would be.



What did he predict?


Meyer: They weren't good and he told me to enjoy the bench by the fourth quarter.



Did you reply?


Meyer: Nope, I'm sure he's got a lot of time on his hands obviously.



Do you get a lot of email?


Meyer: No, not really. Obviously people have respect and have more on their hands.



Did you print it out for motivation?


Meyer: No. I don't really care about that. He's not going to motivate me much.



What was it like growing up in Iowa? Who did you cheer for?


Meyer: I was kind of neutral either way. When the game came on I just liked watching the individual players play. I really didn't have a favorite either way. Atlantic is kind of 50-50. I have a lot of Iowa fans saying they root for me even though I know they probably don't. But they say they root for me which is nice to hear.   

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