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T-Galaxy has been outfitting Cyclone fans in cardinal and gold for over 30 years! CN caught up with store manager Lori Youngberg earlier this week.

First of all I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about T-Galaxy.  


T-Galaxy is owned by Nadler Brothers Company, and has been in the Iowa State retail business for over 30 years now.  We specialize in all different levels of Iowa State gear, featuring not only sweatshirts and t-shirts but also such things as car horns and flags.  Anything Iowa State you can think of, we probably have it.  We also do screenprint and embroidery for the Des Moines/Ames area.   


Who is the owner and what is your role in the business


The owner is Barry Nadler, and I am the store manager. 


Are there any more stores outside of Ames ? 


We have a store located in Boulder, Colorado, and Okoboji, Iowa.  We also have an embroidery location in Des Moines, Iowa.  


How many employees do you have? 


At the retail store we have 13 employees.


Do you offer any other services?  screenprint and embroidery.


What are some of things your store is most proud of? 


We offer the highest quality Iowa State merchandise in Ames and the Des Moines area. 


How long have you been associated with Iowa State athletics?  


Since we have started in Iowa State apparel, we have had great relations with Iowa State athletics.  


How many of your employees/children are Iowa State students/alums?


At the retail store 12 of our employees are either students or alumni! 


Do a bunch of employees get together and tailgate before the games?  


We are all working on gameday so really there is no tailgating for us. 


What are some of your favorite Iowa State moments?  


Personally, my favorite Iowa State moments happened when I lived in the dorms with so many other new students.  I think the best part of Iowa State for me will always be the people.  I met some of my best friends here in Ames


Also is there anything else you can think of and would like us to mention?   We at T-Galaxy are true supporters of the students and Alumni of the University.  We offer great discounts for the ISU student Alumni Association, the Alumni Association, and the Cyclone Club.


CN encourages all Cyclone fans to do business with Cyclone Businesses of the Day. You can contact Lori Youngberg at 206 Welch Ave, Ames, IA 50014. You can reach her by phone at 515-292-1364.

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