3 Keys to an ISU Victory

Find out what staff writer Mark Hersom thinks will be the keys to an ISU victory.

Pressure Tate –


Nick Leaders and Brent Curvey need to get a couple sacks each on Drew Tate to allow our ends to force Tate to Dobbins. If Tate has to step up in the pocket allowing Dobbins to break off a route and lay the wood down on Tate, then ISU will be in this one.


As in years past the Hawks always set up the play action and throw that deep ball over the middle when they are close to mid-field or just after a turnover. Tate has shown that he is a much better pocket quarterback than like Seneca Wallace with his role out ability. Who will step up and be the next Reggie Hayward to force fumbles and errant throws?



Score early and often -


If the Cyclones are to pull off the upset, then scoring first and making touchdowns in the red zone are of the utmost importance. This team to me right now can not overcome being down by 17 points at halftime. The futility of taking three plays against Illinois St. at the 1-yard line will not cut it against Iowa.


If the O-line could make a push as forceful as Barney Cotton teaches, then fans don't have to close their eyes when a kicker comes on the field. I bet Ben Bruns would love to hit the Hawks D-line one more time. Let's hope we are not wishing he had eligibility left. Get in the end zone!!



Stop with the mental mistakes-


Holding penalties calling back touchdowns and offsides on third and three will not win this game. Unfortunately the Cyclones will have to play an almost perfect game if that is possible.


During the five in a row stretch, it was the Clones creating havoc for the Hawks in the turnovers and penalties. Look at the last two years; blocked punts, interceptions, late hit personal fouls, and mental lapses of false starts gave the fuel to the Hawkeyes in bringing the CY-Hawk trophy to Iowa City. A game without one or two mistakes is not common, let's just limit how large those mistakes will be.   

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