Post-game: Aaron Brant

ISU offensive lineman Aaron Brant talks about winning back the Cy-Hawk trophy.

How does that feel?


Brant: It feels great, it was long awaited.


Kind of nice when you're an Iowa boy.


Brant: Yeah, it certainly does it means a lot.


You're from eastern Iowa.


Brant: Exactly there a lot of Hawk fans over there.


You dominated up front.


Brant: We came out and played better the second half, but we still have a lot of improvement to do. There's a lot of things we can work on but in the end we came down there and drilled it out.


What was the difference in the two weekends?


Brant: We knew we could play better than that last week and that's what we worked on all week was just fixing those mistakes. We knew we could come out there and win this game and that's what we did.


Talk about Iowa's linebackers.


Brant:  I played against them last year. They are the real deal, I mean they're both great linebackers and both all-Americans and they played like it.

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