Post-game: Bret Meyer

ISU quarterback Bret Meyer threw for 154 yards in Iowa State's 23-3 victory over Iowa.


What was it like two years ago when Iowa took your trophy?


Meyer: Complete 180, definitely the other end of the spectrum, you see them coming over. Robert Gallery coming over and taking our trophy and now we get to go over there. It's our trophy once again, so it's great.


Can this team deal with the success?


Meyer: I think we can enjoy it a little longer. We obviously have a bye week, but we got to come up and be ready to win on the road. We're gong to Army. We know they have a good team and they're going to play hard. Obviously it's going to be a good experience playing them but we've got to remember it's a business trip.


Talk about offensive line.


Meyer: They did a great job, they did a great job. We had some great runs in the fourth quarter, drew out the clock, didn't get past protection all day. I think they definitely did their job and then some.


Talk about the running game today. It got better as the day went on.


Meyer: We got horses up front, Stevie [Hicks] and Greg [Coleman]. The o-line, they were physical today.

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