Post-game: Tim Dobbins

ISU senior linebacker talks about the BIG win over Iowa.

Talk about the victory.


Dobbins: It was great, we worked hard and we pulled the ‘w' off.


Did you get to the Cy-Hawk trophy?


Dobbins: No, I tried too. By the time I took off and ran over there my legs gave out.


What message did you send today?


Dobbins: We sent a big example because a team that don't think that we're going to dominate and take over them will just end up losing. We want it more than them.


Is that Iowa's case?


Dobbins: You can take it as you want to take it. I just don't think they took us seriously.


How does this team deal with the expectations?


Dobbins: [We] just do what we've been doing, just take every game as serious as possible because every game counts.


Where does this win rate in your career?


Dobbins: This is a big win. This is the biggest win I've ever been in, so it's great.



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