Post-game: Jason Berryman

ISU defender Jason Berryman talks about the Cyclones win over Iowa.


What was the key to the defensive line today?


Berryman: [We were] prepared, good coaching. We've been working hard since the beginning of this week and pretty much the beginning of the year.


Do you feel like you dominated?


Berryman: I could have done a little better but I feel good on rushing the passer. That was one of the main things we were trying to do today, not letting Tate get into a good rhythm because he is a good quarterback and I believe our defense accomplished that today.


What changed when Tate left?


Berryman: Really nothing. We kept the pressure on the quarterback. We actually had a chance to see some of the game they played last week, and we knew the back up quarterback is almost as good as Drew Tate. We just kept the intensity on him too.


Talk about the secondary today.


Berryman: I think from last week to this week the secondary was going to make a stand this week and that's what they did. DeAndre, he locked his man down.


Was he embarrassed or down at all?


Berryman: Oh no. He wasn't down, he was determined. Determined to come back and prove himself to the fans and to anybody else who doubted that he's a good cornerback.


Where was this game won?


Berryman: This game was won before we even came out on the field. The intensity we had coming into this game it was just off the Richter scale. I've never been a round a team that was so ready to play this game.


Where did it come from?

Berryman: I think it's just the whole feeling of the rivalry. I think everybody came on the same page and everybody was pumped up and juiced up and everybody wanted to win just as much as the next person.

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