Post-game: Stevie Hicks

ISU tailback Stevie Hicks ran for 118 yards in Iowa State's 23-3 victory over No. 8 Iowa.

How long did you have the Cy-Hawk trophy for?


Hicks: I had it for maybe 20 seconds and then somebody took it from me. I tried to hold on to it.


Was that kind of like your last run of the day?


Hicks: Yeah, that was like the last run of the day.


You had tons of yards in the second half, how much better did the o-line get?


Hicks: Yeah, the offensive line as the game wore on they started creating more holes. The first half I wouldn't see much, but the second half there was one, two, three holes I had to decide from so it was a good job by the o-line.


Was this atmosphere the wildest game you've been apart of?


Hicks: Yeah, every time we get to play Iowa it's a great game and each year the rivalry intensifies.


For you personally being from Nebraska would you rather play Iowa or Nebraska?


Hicks: It really doesn't matter. Both of those two teams are two powerhouses we like to go against, so I like playing against both of them.


Were there some pretty big holes:


Hicks: Oh yes. Definitely, the second half was huge.


Where does this win rank for you?


Hicks: So far this is the biggest win I've had playing in college football, but we have a lot of games to go and each win is going to be bigger.


Did you wear down the Iowa defensive line?


Hicks: Last week we played a full game so we were ready. We knew we could play a full game so we just had to go out and play hard.


How did the offensive line improve over the game?


Hicks: They improved tremendously. Like I said we started slow but as the game went on they picked it up and they started pancaking guys so the holes were wide open today.


Were you 100 percent?


Hicks: I started slow because I wasn't sure if I could cut this way, cut that way but as the second half went on I said I had to forget about it because we need this win.


What injury are you nursing?


Hicks: No comment.


Is this the hardest we've seen you run?


Hicks: I would say. It was nice to know that I could come out the game and have a break. Greg Coleman had a great week of practice. I felt comfortable letting our guy come in, so I could go hard and not have to save anything.


Were you surprised by some of the holes from the Hawkeye defense?


Hicks: I was, I knew there was going to be a couple of holes, but our o-line was just great today.


Can you guys keep this intensity up?


Hicks: Oh yes. Definitely, a lot of players have been around there so we have to keep this up. We're going into the Big 12 soon.



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