Cy-Hawk Week: Postgame Ferentz

Iowa had trouble doing much of anything against the Cyclones on Saturday. Read what Kirk Ferentz had to say following Iowa's 23-3 loss in Ames to Iowa State in this premium transcript.

First of all, congratulations go to Iowa State, they were certainly deserving of the victory today. They were more ready for us, they were more ready, I should say, than we were at kickoff and certainly they played the best game today. There's not a heck of a lot to say. It was a thorough beating for us and a very good team win for them.

Q: Did you see this coming?

Ferentz: Not at all. Not that kind of win. I'm not surprised they won, but not that kind of a game. We certainly didn't do anything to help ourselves, they had a lot to do with that. I said earlier in the week, they've got an outstanding football team, they're going to have an outstanding season.

Q: What is Drew Tate's prognosis?

Ferentz: He took a shot in the head on the interception, trying to make a tackle, obviously, I think he's going to be fine. Obviously he couldn't come back for the second half.

Q: What does this do for your season?

Ferentz: It makes us 1-1, pretty simple. We've got 9 to go, we're 1-1.

Q: Do you want Drew Tate throwing his body around like that on tackles?

Ferentz: I think, needless to say, a QB throws a pick, he's got to make an effort to make a tackle but obviously we'd rather not have him do that. Rather have him not throw interceptions so he doesn't have to, that's probably the best situation.

Q: You had 5 turnovers, that doesn't help, but it seemed you couldn't find an offensive rhythm?

Ferentz: I don't think we did anything with ease today, you've got to give Iowa State credit there. They took us out of our comfort zone real fast. We were extremely fortunate to be down 16-0 with four turnovers in the first half. I really felt we might have a shot, we did have a shot in that second half. We were very fortunate to be down 16-zip at that point. I thought they did a great job in the third quarter, we had the wind, we come out and get 3 points. They came up with a big punt into the wind, that was a huge play, then on top of that they had a very nice drive which we aided a little bit with a personal foul. That was pretty symbolic of the day. Not to single out one player, but it's how the day went for us.

Q: Can you talk about Manson?

Ferentz: I thought he did a good job. Like the rest of our football team, he never got into a rhythm or executed sharply. You had to give Iowa State the credit there, they did a good job. They brought some pressure on us, they did a good job with just four guys. I'm not saying we feared that, but we have great respect for their defensive line. They're a veteran group, I said that earlier in the week. You look at (Nick) Leaders, an excellent football player, Kirby is an outstanding inside player and they've got two veteran ends that have played extremely well too. The tables are turned on us a little bit too, they've got four guys up front kind of like we had a year ago.

Q: Manson got better as the game went on.

Ferentz: Yes, and you'd expect that. He hasn't played an awful lot, we're all aware of that. I've felt good about Jason Manson basically all year including the spring and still do. I think we'll win football games if Jason has to be in there, that's not going to be a problem but we've got to help him out a little bit too.

Q: How does this compare to last year when you had to rebound after Michigan and Arizona State.

Ferentz: It's really no different, it's an early season loss. We don't want to lose any game, just like everybody else. The fact is, today we didn't deserve to win, there's no question about that. Iowa State did the things it take to be victorious, we didn't. We've got to move on, we've got to move on fast. We showed the need for a lot of improvement in a lot of areas, not just where we're young, but a lot of areas.

Q: Do you think you'll have Drew next week?

Ferentz: I would think so. It's just one of those deals, you don't put a guy back in a game when they get stinged like that. I have no reason to think it's anything beyond that.

Q: Does he have any concussion history?

Ferentz: Not to my knowledge, no, not to my knowledge.

Q: Was that the wrong personnel mix on the offensive line?

Ferentz: We'll see. I haven't even seen the film yet so it's premature to say. You get beat like we got beat today and we could all do a better job, starting with me. Obviously it starts with me.

Q: How did Albert Young play?

Ferentz: He looked good. I thought he looked sharp out there, I thought he had it going pretty good.

Q: How much were the passing games a product of the defensive secondary and how much were problems with your team?

Ferentz: I can't give you a percentage, but bottom line is, we never looked comfortable, we never looked in sync. In the end, I'm sure part of that's our doing, but I know for a fact, they played good defense. They played good defense last year and did the same thing today.

Q: Did they do anything to surprise you today or was it pretty much what you expected?

Ferentz: I don't think, no. They played a better football game than we did, it's about as simple as that.

Q: Did you guys want to blitz more today on defense, just trying to get something going?

Ferentz: You turn the ball over on your own 12... We just didn't help ourselves. I thought we played good defense until the latter part of the football game, but we put the defense in a tough spot today. I thought there were a lot of positives there.

Q: Could you talk about their blitzing?

Ferentz: They did a good job. They mixed it up, they played coverage, they blitzed, that's been their style and they did a good job.

Q: You get a sense you had a chance to make plays and didn't, could you explain why that as a whole team was?

Ferentz: I wish I could. We couldn't make a routine play today, it didn't appear. Part of that's us, part of that's them. I don't want to discredit them, they deserve any credit they get.

Q: Until the long pass to Todd Blythe at the end, I don't think they had a play over 12 yards, what does that say?

Ferentz: I said earlier in the week. I'm not saying Iowa State is Ohio State, but if you look in our conference I think there are a lot of parallels, they have a lot of good player returning from a good football team last year. The quarterback's a year older now, he was a young guy when we played him last year, now he's a veteran player. They added some guys too, Stevenson at center, he's a good football player. Obviously Berryman's a very good football player, they've got a veteran receiver in Flynn. I know he's not a seasoned receiver but he's a veteran player. They pick up Yelk. Common sense will tell you they've got a better football team than they had in December. Everybody got distracted by last week's game. Last week's game doesn't mean crap. It's what you do today. Both ways on that one.

Q: Did you get a sense that this snowballed on you? It seemed like one thing after another, couldn't catch a break, turnovers, penalties?

Ferentz: Part of that's our doing, but a big part of that is Iowa State's doing. They had a play, it worked to perfection, credit goes to them.

Q: You guys hadn't lost in nine games.

Ferentz: You turn the ball over four times in the first half, you're gonna pay, typically. We were extremely fortunate to be sitting 16-0 at halftime. We were very fortunate. That was huge, obviously. The third quarter, I guess that punt was a big one. The drive, they had that drive, I don't know if they even got points, but they had the ball, changed field position. They did a great job of keeping us on the short of the field.

Q: Does the way you played today parallel the Arizona State game last year?

Ferentz: I don't know if we were as anemic or pathetic as we were last year in that ball game, that was pretty ugly. I wouldn't compare those two, other than the punt return we were just putrid, we were a bad football team in that game. I won't say that, but the results, you're still sittin here. We couldn't do anything in that game, offensively, defensively, special teams, we were never even in contention

Q: Talk about Jason Berryman, he hasn't played football in a year.

Ferentz: He's a good football player. I thought he looked good last week on film, I'm afraid he's gonna look good on this film. He was back in our backfield, and I think they've got a nice pair of ends obviously with he and Moorehead. Moorehead's a guy who's gotten better and better and better.

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