Cy'd Notes

More on Iowa State's 23-3 win over No. 8 Iowa.

*The trend continues

13 of the previous 15 Cy-Hawk games were won by the team that had the lead at the end of the 1st quarter. Adjust it to 14 of 16. The Clones led 6 – 0 after one.


*Statistics can be misleading

I was shocked to read the post game stats and see that Jason Berryman not only didn't have a sack, but didn't even assist on a tackle. Linebacker Matt Roberson led the Cyclones with 11 tackles- including 7 solo. Berryman is a defensive presence was a factor even if only his fumble recovery gets in the books. Iowa ran away from his right end position and both Tate and Manson nearly always rolled to throw on the other side of the field.


How ‘bout that crowd?

How about a record 54,290? Many of you remember the old days (not so long ago) when it appeared there were more black than cardinal in the crowd. Not any more. I'm guessing there might have been 5,000 Hawks, but they were dispersed well enough that it didn't sound like that many.


What I especially enjoyed is that Hawk fans proved their toughness- by not wearing black on a hot day. If they might remember, we also have gold in our uniform colors, so the national TV audience was able to witness a sea of Cyclones.


Cy-Hawk Standings

After the victory today and compiled with the women's soccer team's 2 – 1 victory over the Hawks earlier this week, Iowa State leads the race 5 – 0.


It's a great view,but…

With an atmosphere like today, I'd rather be in the stands than behind the sound proof glass. I missed hearing the bands and mostly the sound of the ISU crowd which occasionally leaked into the box. I had to call my 9-year old at halftime to confirm Tate was out for the game.


I'm not big into smack talk, but…

While I was standing next to the north end zone waiting for the conclusion, there was a respectful Cyclone heckler. He had a look that tailgating might have started earlier than before I had my first cup of coffee.


Herky rolled by. "Peace out Herky."


A couple team managers jogged past. "Peace out Hawkeyes."

Now mind you, the cardinal and gold clad fan wasn't saying this quietly. He was screaming passionately.


What I liked, although I'm not sure his intention, because I'm too old, is that he was using his brain and not yelling "**** you Hawks."


I'm guessing in a couple of days when Coach Ferentz can think clearly again after dealing with the loss, he'll ask his wife or kids. "What does ‘peace out Ferentz' mean?"


We are the Iowa State Cyclones

Some dweeb on ESPN News called us the Buckeyes twice during an intro. The difference? We beat a top ten team, Ohio State lost!


Top 25?

My guess is not quite yet. It's hard to jump 9 teams in the second week of the season. By the time the Cyclones play Nebraska in Lincoln on October 1, we will.



It will be disappointing if the Nebraska game isn't also a 2:30pm ABC game. The only other possibility I see is Texas at Missouri. That would be legitimate. Oklahoma and Kansas State in past years would be a marquee match up, but not this year.




How about those Cyclones? Is Cyclone Nation feeling better about the team? Have you adjusted your preseason prognosis regarding the Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Missouri and Colorado games? What about the Texas A & M contest that most considered a certain loss.


It could be a more interesting season than we imagined.

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